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Testing: Please Reply to this Post

Testing: Please Reply to this Post



We’re always trying to find the best ways to keep the blog safe yet keep it easily accessible to everyone else.

The spam program we were using, the designers decided not to support it anymore.  Though it had worked great it also made commenting more difficult.

Tried another – we won’t even go there.

The one we’re trying now could possible work to keep the spam out yet not annoy everyone else in the process – this is a good thing!

*crosses fingers*

I’m asking for those who do read and comment on the blog to do a favor for me.

First – clear your cookies/caches etc… this will get rid of previous versions of the blog and make it clean so to speak.

Second – reply to this post. I’ve added back the reply via twitter, facebook, wordpress or email. (I’m not sure where it had gone but hey it’s back!)

If you are one of those who was able to keep their registration – sign in that way and reply.   You use twitter and follow the link from twitter – reply using that.  If you don’t have twitter but do have facebook – try it with that.  You’re a wordpress user – please comment via wordpress.  If you don’t have any – please use the email.

We’re trying to see what catches in the spam what doesn’t.  I’ll be answering each comment to see what’s going through and what isn’t.  Though be patient with us this may take a while.  If you don’t get an answer and never see your comment within 24 hours – email us at (

Third – cross your fingers, send good thoughts, light a candle and send a prayer to St. Isidore of Seville Patron Saint of Computers.


    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      And it worked! Was this through wordpress? It look like it just want to make sure…

      And sorry you haven’t been able to comment – hence the reason we’re trying to figure this out.

      Thanks for being patient

  1. William Brandt

    Hello! Hopefully things start going better for you soon on all this! I really appreciate and want to thank you for all the hard work that you and the other’s put into everything. 🙂

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      This one had been caught but it popped up in my admin folder so I can clear it – which the problem with the last one – it wouldn’t let me say – hey this isn’t spam 😀

      So you’re good!

      Glad the cookies were good 😀

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      Sylum Clan actually isn’t on Facebook. I just know that sometimes people do use their Facebook pages a lot and so I made sure they could sign in via Facebook if they wanted.

      Thanks. We’re working on a new motto.

      10 years of fixing everything showrunners screwed up

  2. I’ve posted in the past though I tend to stalk and not respond, but then I don’t post through an account either (or at least I don’t sign into one purposefully). Hopefully this works though. Good luck with your computer issues, sometimes modern technology sucks. Now back to my job updating a website.

  3. Sparrow

    So sending the test message back. Clicked comment in email and it brought me to the post in word press. I didn’t log in-just typed the comment and put in email and name as required be site.

  4. checking in as requested. Got the message via email earlier and just followed from Twitter to here. Shall see if it works out…and for some reason it’s checking me in via my wordpress that I never use. Um weird.

  5. Dian

    Sorry I am late to answer, I use e-mail for contact.
    By the way thanks for all the work you all do for sylum and thanks for your fighting to the technic monsters to still give us Sylum .
    Best regards Diana

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