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What’s in store for 2014?

What’s in store for 2014?


We’ve recovered from Advent or maybe should say we’re still recovering, anyway, the Sylum Writers are starting to put together what will be happening in 2014.

Spring Fling will start Easter Sunday with a story from ‘The Warren’.

Seven Days of Summer will start in July.  Rumors have it that there maybe Part 2 of Wayward Son in that selection of stories.

Sylum Advent as always is the month of December.

The Christmas Card Exchange will also continue this year, just a few weeks early to give everyone time.  I hope last years went decently and those who participated enjoyed their cards.

Now for a few different things that will be happening this year.

Next year (2015) will be the 10th Anniversary of Sylum Clan.

I’m going to sit here and let that sink in for a moment.

Yeah 10 Years! 10! 

Many of us will be gearing up for 2015 as we work through this year.   One of the things you will be seeing in prep for next year – is Old School CSI stories.  A few of us have been watching Old School CSI remembering the joys of a baby Nicky *pets him* and working on stories to showcase Nico through those moments.  These stories will lead up to the 10th Anniversary Edition of Clan War.

George Eads_Fence

There are many fun and cool things coming to Sylum this year and we hope everyone will enjoy what we have in store!


  1. I can’t wait!! Wow 10 YEARS!!! New stories and new artwork! Whoa Nellie!!! Now that remark shows my age cause I remember when that was used on TV! LOL!

    thanks again for sharing and the commitment you have made to this wonderful story. I continue to go back and read the arcs and the sideline stories and enjoy them as much as I did the first time I read them.

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