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The Bobs and their Evil Scheming

The Bobs and their Evil Scheming

So once again the Bobs have decided to make their writers lives a living hell.  *hears cackling in the corner*

How should I put this…

It started off with these two


 There are some old school CSI Bunnies wandering around – that we won’t talk about.

But they may have something to do with this


Or and the guy in the suit – invade massive storyline


And just when you think they’re done.  No they had to go and raid a particular storyline that was meant for these two!


Who are now plotting revenge and I’m not quite sure yet if I’m looking forward to it or not…

But as you can see – these two are not looking very repentant


So after we dealt with the Old School CSI Bunnies from hell  and figured all was quiet on the Bob Front…

Famous Last Words.

This guy showed up all scruffy


He tagged along and brought his furry friend

The Raven


 Which some how led to a massive storyline with multiple characters being included because of these two!!



    Leaving this one sulking at the Vatican



Only to find out this one has been plotting


In the end leaving us writers staring at

 Bob &   Bob2

 in horror and shock!  While scrambling for paper/pen to write down notes and start making edits!

*Evil Cackle heard in the distance*


  1. Oh my goodness!! Evil bunnies!!! LOL!!! Please get a evil bunny to include the Winchesters!! How about Dean and Stark coming up with really cool stuff that makes a major impact on stopping world ending/domination. LOL!!!!!! I just still love the brothers and really truly love this fandom!

    Thanks again btw. I am reading all different parts and so enjoy them.

  2. Kathie

    Will we see lots more of Tony/Gibbs, the Winchesters and Sparrow/Turner? I think Tony, Dean and Jack could manage to get themselves into a lot of trouble.

    I have been enjoying rereading lots of the stories in the archive and can’t thank everyone enough for their work.

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