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Nicky Stokes vs Nicolaus Meridius

Nicky Stokes vs Nicolaus Meridius

As I’m working on CSI Stories that will lead up to the 10th Anniversary of Clan War – Nico and Warrick have become a pain in my ass.

The demanding sons of bitches have changed and added storyline in their favor (Speed is still trying to figure out how that happened – since Clan War started because of him), and they added additional characters.

Jim Brass I’m pointedly looking at you.

Who doesn’t look very repentant.

So while working on old school, future storylines have started to form.  Nico has decided he doesn’t want to continue to be a stay at home grandpa. Now I’ll be evil and let y’all wonder what he’s going to do with his life after Evolution *cackles*.

But I will be nice and show you the two gifs that inspired the movement from Nicky Stokes to Nicolaus Meridius.


Nicky Stokes



Nicolaus Meridius

Despite the Sylum implications – I have to say Nicky has come a long way in CSI.



    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      Okay lets try that again… Damn thing sent before finished!!

      Well for Nico – he’s in the right place at the right time just not going his way… *cackles*

      As for the show – He found an underground bunker that wasn’t empty 😀

  1. I just re-read Wayward Son and you know I love it so much! But I have found that I love all the characters, of course Dean, but then Captain Jack snuck in and then Charlie. At this point I realized how much I was reading about Nico and Warrick, sigh, I could go on and on about the characters that have become favorites. Dean is top of the list but I can not for the life of me figure out who would be second because I love them all.

  2. Val

    I’m actually in the middle of mainlining the entire series run of CSI, mostly because of this series. I look forward to getting to the second GIF.

    Speed is still my favorite, though – especially when he’s in ‘Conan the Librarian’ mode, being all secretly BAMFY. Though my second favorite is when he’s being tortured, which probably says something not very good about me.

    (There’s a very small, guilty part of me that keeps picturing what would have happened if Ellis had killed Tim in ‘Dark Places’ rather than the reverse. I’m a terrible human being.)

      1. Val

        Oh, I thought about that one too.

        You are also, by the way, the main reason why I’m plotting a werewolf AU. You kind of had the vampire thing covered so I went the other way….I’m slightly hampered by my refusal watch any part of Miami that comes after Tim died, but I’m making it work.

          1. Val

            It’s basically just an excuse to torture Speed, because that’s how I roll. But I don’t have anyone to bounce things off of, or a beta, or anything like that, so it probably won’t go anywhere.

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