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Buy 1 Bunny Get 25 Free!!

This is a visual representation of our weekend.

See it started on one idea … then all the others joined in.

Oh believe me the whole story idea works, and actually ties a lot of stuff together.

But now were exhausted and the living room is filled with bunnies.

While Bob and Bob 2 are just laughing hysterically, sitting on top of the kitchen table looking out of their bunny domain.

The Eve of New Years Eve Bunny Extravaganza

Advent is usually very quiet, working on other projects, setting up ideas, events … etc for Sylum for the upcoming year.

There has been epic plotting sessions from time to time.

The Christmas/Boxing Day Bunny of 2015 was Epic enough that it changed where Sylum was going – instead of an ending we had the End of the Beginning.

This year’s Christmas was fairly quiet.  To the point we made the mistake of saying – ‘so what no major plotting session from Bob’

Big Mistake.

The eve before New Years Eve, there was a knock on the door and a box filled with bunnies.

It was an all day plotting EVENT!  No seriously starting at 9am, during coffee that lasted all the way into the night.  Maybe a stop for food and bathroom breaks, though I think a few bunnies snuck under the bathroom door.

It’s good plots.

Good stories.

Great characters.


*stares at Bob and Bob 2 – who only smirk and run around on the couch*

Like I don’t have enough stuff to do!!

So to be the evil tease that I am … a few things that came from it.

Development of Heather’s networks of Pleasure Houses:  Additional Madams and one Master – in LA, DC, and London.

Junctions and Characters that bring together other storylines, that kind were hanging off the edge.

2 very interesting Triad pairings *cackles*

So what does a Scottish Exotic Animal Veterinarian, MI:6 Spy, American Cowboy, Revolutionary, Historian, and a Intergalactic Passport Control have in common…

Well you’ll just have to wait and see.




6 Characters in 6 Weeks

So for the past six weeks we’ve been dealing with an invasion!

Bob & Bob 2 have been assholes!


First there was ….


Quintus Dias (who was hinted at in the Pirate Interview)

(The Centurion)


Then there was ….

Aguilar de Nerha

(Assassins Creed)


Who brought with him ….

Callum Lynch

(Technically is from Assassins Creed but it’s Sylum so we re-arranged a few things …)


And this asshole popped up very recently …

Harry Hole

(The Snowman)


And for those who begged …

Erik Lensherr

(X-Men First Class)

But wait … what about the older Charles & Erik?

Oh don’t worry we have the older characters along with the younger ones …

*evil cackles*


And for the future of robotic technology from Weyland Industries …

Walter … or is it?

Nicky Stokes vs Nicolaus Meridius

As I’m working on CSI Stories that will lead up to the 10th Anniversary of Clan War – Nico and Warrick have become a pain in my ass.

The demanding sons of bitches have changed and added storyline in their favor (Speed is still trying to figure out how that happened – since Clan War started because of him), and they added additional characters.

Jim Brass I’m pointedly looking at you.

Who doesn’t look very repentant.

So while working on old school, future storylines have started to form.  Nico has decided he doesn’t want to continue to be a stay at home grandpa. Now I’ll be evil and let y’all wonder what he’s going to do with his life after Evolution *cackles*.

But I will be nice and show you the two gifs that inspired the movement from Nicky Stokes to Nicolaus Meridius.


Nicky Stokes



Nicolaus Meridius

Despite the Sylum implications – I have to say Nicky has come a long way in CSI.


Pirate Bunnies Have Landed!!!            The Pirate Bunnies Are Coming!!!!


Have been trying to avoid them.

But it was to no avail.

Last night in the dead of night the Pirate Bunnies arrived in their ships and made port at the kitchen table in the dining room.

It may have something to do with this guy…..



He showed up after a long journey and made his home next to the rest of the Assassins.


Now there are Pirate Bunnies.  Assassins Bunnies.  Pirate Assassin Bunnies.  Making their home at the Kitchen Table – setting up taverns, blacksmith shops, brothels, and a church – even Pirates Bunnies attend Confession … *eyes Pope Bunny who looks unapologetic*

At the moment they are eyeing the far off island known as the Coffee Table, in hopes to get closer to the XBox and Assassin Creed Games.

This is not a good thing.

So if you hear screams of help, or see the dogs flee the living area – you’ll know that the Pirate Bunnies have taken over our lives!

Hears Pirate Shanties off in the distance…

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!


Bob’s Bender of a Weekend


Bob —>  Bob


Bob 2 —> Bob2


Went on a complete Plotting Bender over the weekend.  To the point of major character developments, story lines, story arcs, plot changes, and WTF was that, you (*&#@# Rabbit!

First there’s this guy —> jeffrey_dean_morgan_10

Who snuck into storyline where he didn’t belong and changed future storylines just by his mere presence.  As you can see he is not repentful.


Then there’s this particular Assassin


Wanted to discuss storyline that isn’t even in the realm of being written yet *glares*


And not matter how hard I try to gag this particular bunny


It keeps coming back … kinda like a zombie.


atmosphere-rush-04 <— There’s a Formula 1 Bunny zipping around the house that can’t stop long enough to tell us what it wants.

Irony this one —>  rush_l2_0 came in for a pit stop and hasn’t left.


And this guy —> 1378608_514676125284326_1356026174_n Keeps hiding in the shadows


Oh and not to be left out, cause we could never leave him out….

This guy —> george-eads (who is herding at the moment)

Teamed up with this one —> Maximus_Quintus_1


who now has ties with —> Prince-of-Persia-The-Sands-of-Time-Movie-Review-4


These two —> martin_lawrence_and_will_smith_in_bad_boys_ii_hd_wallpaper-HD  are demanding a Timestamp!


 And of course let’s not forget Bob 2 who’s been just as bad as his papa.

See there’s this —> BWi4PnXCYAEjDwR

Teamed up with —> med_pierfrancesco-favino-2010-jpg

And we’re not telling how 😀 cause we can be just as evil as the Bobs!!!


After all that…


We won’t even mentioning this guy

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