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The Eve of New Years Eve Bunny Extravaganza

The Eve of New Years Eve Bunny Extravaganza

Advent is usually very quiet, working on other projects, setting up ideas, events … etc for Sylum for the upcoming year.

There has been epic plotting sessions from time to time.

The Christmas/Boxing Day Bunny of 2015 was Epic enough that it changed where Sylum was going – instead of an ending we had the End of the Beginning.

This year’s Christmas was fairly quiet.  To the point we made the mistake of saying – ‘so what no major plotting session from Bob’

Big Mistake.

The eve before New Years Eve, there was a knock on the door and a box filled with bunnies.

It was an all day plotting EVENT!  No seriously starting at 9am, during coffee that lasted all the way into the night.  Maybe a stop for food and bathroom breaks, though I think a few bunnies snuck under the bathroom door.

It’s good plots.

Good stories.

Great characters.


*stares at Bob and Bob 2 – who only smirk and run around on the couch*

Like I don’t have enough stuff to do!!

So to be the evil tease that I am … a few things that came from it.

Development of Heather’s networks of Pleasure Houses:  Additional Madams and one Master – in LA, DC, and London.

Junctions and Characters that bring together other storylines, that kind were hanging off the edge.

2 very interesting Triad pairings *cackles*

So what does a Scottish Exotic Animal Veterinarian, MI:6 Spy, American Cowboy, Revolutionary, Historian, and a Intergalactic Passport Control have in common…

Well you’ll just have to wait and see.





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