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The Eve of New Years Eve Bunny Extravaganza

Advent is usually very quiet, working on other projects, setting up ideas, events … etc for Sylum for the upcoming year.

There has been epic plotting sessions from time to time.

The Christmas/Boxing Day Bunny of 2015 was Epic enough that it changed where Sylum was going – instead of an ending we had the End of the Beginning.

This year’s Christmas was fairly quiet.  To the point we made the mistake of saying – ‘so what no major plotting session from Bob’

Big Mistake.

The eve before New Years Eve, there was a knock on the door and a box filled with bunnies.

It was an all day plotting EVENT!  No seriously starting at 9am, during coffee that lasted all the way into the night.  Maybe a stop for food and bathroom breaks, though I think a few bunnies snuck under the bathroom door.

It’s good plots.

Good stories.

Great characters.


*stares at Bob and Bob 2 – who only smirk and run around on the couch*

Like I don’t have enough stuff to do!!

So to be the evil tease that I am … a few things that came from it.

Development of Heather’s networks of Pleasure Houses:  Additional Madams and one Master – in LA, DC, and London.

Junctions and Characters that bring together other storylines, that kind were hanging off the edge.

2 very interesting Triad pairings *cackles*

So what does a Scottish Exotic Animal Veterinarian, MI:6 Spy, American Cowboy, Revolutionary, Historian, and a Intergalactic Passport Control have in common…

Well you’ll just have to wait and see.




The Bunny Waiting Room




The Bunny Waiting Room

There’s a place were all the Bunnies come together to wait for Bj.  She tries to have them line up orderly but gave up and put a ‘Take a Number Turnstile’ on the wall.  She thinks that works.  So far the poor IMF bunny kept getting his number stolen by either the A-Team Bunny or the Taken Bunny.  Though both should watch out cause the Yogurt Eating Bunny From Hell is sneaky.

Not as Sneaky as the Pope Bunny.

The IMF bunny is hanging from the roof napping in his spy gear, I think his number is up to #235.


The Taken Bunny running around beating up other bunnies stealing their numbers.


The bunny with the French Tricorn hat sitting patiently though his eyes roams over the other bunnies pretty sure most of them are criminals.


The A-team bunnies are building a vehicle out of paperclips, and making plans to invade the office.  The plans are insane but then it is the A-Team.  
The transformer bunny just zips around the waiting room annoying the shit out of the other bunnies.


 The newest bunny comes with a wedding planner and stable hand – don’t ask even I’m not sure.  But I hear it’s to be the wedding of the century!!


The next Arc Bunny is plotting away in the corner with a few other bunnies making Campaign posters.


And as all of them sit the Pope bunny with entourage and bodyguard come waltzing in passing by all the other bunnies, the Bodyguard making sure the other bunnies get out of the way…  They slide into the office with the door slamming behind them.


The uproar from all the bunnies woke up the IMF Bunny who promptly fell back to sleep with #236.


I did mention the Pope Bunny was SNEAKY!!


Evolution – It is Done

My writer has finally finished the anticipated Evolution Arc.

I admit I was kinda mean to her by changing storyline in the middle of writing, but I’m evil what can I say.   And to add to the fun filled excitement I made her rework Family to fit in storylines Bob 2 came up with, plus changes with in the many clan structures.

*High Paws Bob 2*

Family is  with Beta Bob, and once that one is finished and re-posted.  Evolution will be edited and posted.  *pokes* This means you will have to read the re-posting.  I didn’t go through all that hard work torementing my writer, and having Bob 2 torment his for nothing.

*rubs paws together*

Now that Evolution is done I’ve got wicked plans for Bj  *kicks away Graphic Gecko* go away I’ve got plans and I don’t care if you have vid ideas.  I got evil to plot.

The question is what do I get her to work on next.

– The IMF Bunny

– A-Team Bunny

– Taken Bunny

– Pirates 4

So many ideas so little time *eyes Graphic Gecko that is scurrying around the room*

*pokes the hip blogsters out there*

What would you like to see next?


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