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Pirate Bunnies Have Landed!!!

Pirate Bunnies Have Landed!!!            The Pirate Bunnies Are Coming!!!!


Have been trying to avoid them.

But it was to no avail.

Last night in the dead of night the Pirate Bunnies arrived in their ships and made port at the kitchen table in the dining room.

It may have something to do with this guy…..



He showed up after a long journey and made his home next to the rest of the Assassins.


Now there are Pirate Bunnies.  Assassins Bunnies.  Pirate Assassin Bunnies.  Making their home at the Kitchen Table – setting up taverns, blacksmith shops, brothels, and a church – even Pirates Bunnies attend Confession … *eyes Pope Bunny who looks unapologetic*

At the moment they are eyeing the far off island known as the Coffee Table, in hopes to get closer to the XBox and Assassin Creed Games.

This is not a good thing.

So if you hear screams of help, or see the dogs flee the living area – you’ll know that the Pirate Bunnies have taken over our lives!

Hears Pirate Shanties off in the distance…

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!



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