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Bob’s Bender of a Weekend

Bob’s Bender of a Weekend


Bob —>  Bob


Bob 2 —> Bob2


Went on a complete Plotting Bender over the weekend.  To the point of major character developments, story lines, story arcs, plot changes, and WTF was that, you (*&#@# Rabbit!

First there’s this guy —> jeffrey_dean_morgan_10

Who snuck into storyline where he didn’t belong and changed future storylines just by his mere presence.  As you can see he is not repentful.


Then there’s this particular Assassin


Wanted to discuss storyline that isn’t even in the realm of being written yet *glares*


And not matter how hard I try to gag this particular bunny


It keeps coming back … kinda like a zombie.


atmosphere-rush-04 <— There’s a Formula 1 Bunny zipping around the house that can’t stop long enough to tell us what it wants.

Irony this one —>  rush_l2_0 came in for a pit stop and hasn’t left.


And this guy —> 1378608_514676125284326_1356026174_n Keeps hiding in the shadows


Oh and not to be left out, cause we could never leave him out….

This guy —> george-eads (who is herding at the moment)

Teamed up with this one —> Maximus_Quintus_1


who now has ties with —> Prince-of-Persia-The-Sands-of-Time-Movie-Review-4


These two —> martin_lawrence_and_will_smith_in_bad_boys_ii_hd_wallpaper-HD  are demanding a Timestamp!


 And of course let’s not forget Bob 2 who’s been just as bad as his papa.

See there’s this —> BWi4PnXCYAEjDwR

Teamed up with —> med_pierfrancesco-favino-2010-jpg

And we’re not telling how 😀 cause we can be just as evil as the Bobs!!!


After all that…


We won’t even mentioning this guy


  1. luvinmike

    Quit dangling these huge morsels in front of us and not letting us partake!! I’m starving for some Sylum so please start writing…and better yet, posting. I can’t WAIT until Advent!!!!

  2. LadyComet

    Those pictures made me really want to play the Assassin’s Creed games. Unfortunately, all the money I’ve been saving up got confiscated for other purposes. Which leaves me either borrowing my younger sister’s games and X-Box 360 and that thing is just a no. Or waiting to buy them used and cheap at GameStop on Black Friday. I’ll still have to come up with some new cash but the black Friday sales at GameStop are usually pretty good and there are 4 in decent driving distance to me. I got to play part of the first one when my best friend’s brother bought it so maybe I can borrow it from him come January. As for the pictures from Arrow is it really good? I sort of had a crush on Green Arrow when I was younger because he vaguely reminded me of Bow from She-Ra Princess of Power which is another thing I need to finish collecting. Anyway these teasers look really interesting and I can hardly wait to see where they go.

  3. Connie Linck

    OH man I’m waiting somewhat patiently for these stories to come out to read. Of course I’m still trying to catch up on the other stories I still have to read. That snippet with Sam and Dean… well I’m so looking forward to that one!

    Should I leave some treats for the BOBs?!

    Take care!

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