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Coming Soon: One Month Until New Sylum Archive OPENS!

One Month!

Until the new Archive opens!

Reminder: Only Sylum Canon stories are being moved from the old archive.  So if you want Non-Canon, AUs or older versions of stories grab them now.

Note: The old archive will not be deleted for a while and we’ll warn you when we get ready to do it.

Mark it down!

October 15th – New Sylum Archive!

Coming Soon: New Sylum Archive

Coming Soon!

We’ve been in the process of building a new Sylum Archive!  It’s taken a while, but we’re now at the stage of transferring older stories.  This process is taking time as the stories are being edit/updated to fit with the established Sylum Canon.

The old archive will not disappear over night!  Any stories that are still in the process of being edited will remain in the old archive, until they’ve been fully updated and moved.

Note: All AUs or Non Canon stories will NOT be moved to the new Archive.  So, if there is a specific AU or Non-Canon story – I would start saving them now.

Archive Opens: October 15, 2018

Reminder: Ask Ernesto a Question!

For the upcoming Ernesto Olivetti Week we’ve arranged for a special interview with the Inspector so we’re taking your questions.  Fill in the questionnaire and we’ll make sure to ask him!

Please note: Don’t hit enter more than on once, if you think your question didn’t go through (email or comment on this post and I’ll check)

Update: Ernesto Olivetti Week Starts – May 29th

Ernest Olivetti Week


We are officially announcing Ernesto Olivetti Appreciation Week.

It will begin on May 29th.

There will be a new fanmix, specialized jewelry from the Vault, an Interview with the Inspector, and a re-introduction of Roads Untraveled.

To all our Ernesto lovers, want to contribution to Olivetti Week.  Make some fanart? Make you’re own Fanmix? Show your love for Ernesto … reply to this Post or email at and we’ll chat.

We’ve arranged for a special interview with the Inspector so we’re taking your questions.  Fill in the questionnaire and we’ll make sure to ask him!

Coming Soon: Ernesto Olivetti Week

Sylum Blog Presents: Ernesto Olivetti Week!

We’ll be dedicating a whole week to our favorite Italian … no not Nico

Nico: Wait! Excuse me!

Ernesto: *smirks*

Ezio: Somehow I got dissed in the middle of this!  Am I not handsome?

Nico: No one can see your face *flicks the hood*

Ezio: Doesn’t stop the ladies from loving me!

Ernesto: *eyerolls*


Seriously I can’t even make a post without you two taking over it.

At least the Welshman isn’t here!

*glares* Stay out of this Count of Monte Cristo

As I was saying!

We’ll be having a weeks worth of posts dedicated to …

Ernesto Olivetti Inspector General of Vatican Security!

So what will this week consist of?

Well you’re just going to have to wait and find out.

The Bob’s Negotiation Thursday

Instead of the normal Throwback Thursday – today is the Bob’s Negotiation Thursday

Bob Edit Bob2_Photo

The Bobs have been under intense negotiations with a variety of characters.

While working on the 10th there were a few characters who decided they had to have a much bigger role in the Universe.

His negotiation was successful


Not only did he end up in major story line he negotiated the position of Warrick’s Quarter Master on the Red Stallion – You’ll find out who he ended up Mated with in the 10th Anniversary Edition *smirks*

This one *eyeroll* manipulated whole story lines around to make sure they include him.


Actually not just one, but two.

Both story lines will be popping up in Advent

*waits for OMG Squees to die down*

These guys have been manipulating story line for a while now.  I’m not quite sure if they really negotiated with the Bobs or more threatened their furry little hides.


 I will say this – you’ll see/meet every single one of these characters … Just keep a close eye out as they are sneaky.


This big guy had extreme negotiations and in the end got his people into story line 8 years earlier than expected!!


We’ve already set the intro for him…check out the Trailer section of the website!

The latest negotiations going on are with these two.

Obi-Wan-Kenobi-and-Qui-Gon-Jinn-qui-gon-jinn-and-obi-wan-kenobi-4252507-401-600 tpm-024-01_lg

These are some heavy handed negotiations …

… some would even say aggressive – aka use of a lightsaber.

Sylum Disclaimer:

Always remember!! You might not meet any of these characters in the way you think you will.

After all Sylum is all about mixing things up:  taking characters, locations, story plots and tossing them in to a blender and hitting puree.

The Bob’s Negotiation Helpers





Snippet – French Revolution

‘The French Revolution explained by one Dean Winchester’

“Yeah you know.  Let them eat cake.  The peasants get pissed, take out the King and Maria Antoinette, and every rich dude there was.  Then it calmed slightly… except you had one side is like KILL THEM ALL, the other was like dude chill we’re building something here.  Then some chick shanks some dude in a bathtub and gets herself executed, which inevitably leads to Mr. Roper to but his machine to use and take out 400,000 people ’cause you know why not.  Then he gets it his just due award and is beheaded.  Then there was Napoleon.  Then not Napoleon. Then Napoleon again. And now a Republic.”


Well Because I can…

Last week Bob & Bob 2 were being evil by posting the new AC Unity Trailer

*glares at Rabbits*

*gets unrepentant stares back*

We’ve reached a milestone in the 10th Anniversary Edition of Clan War yesterday or I should say Timothy Quinn did… so today I’m celebrating by being evil and teasing you with things to come in the upcoming CSI: Anthology that will lead up to the 10th Anniversary Edition.


~ Slaves of Las Vegas ~

Nick looked up at the mansion and bit back the groan, of all the places to end up on a crime scene.  It looked like a simple old home.  The front had a wraparound porch, old Oak door with bay windows on each side.  The upstairs lights illuminated the dark circle driveway, making a visitor feel welcome.

From the front it didn’t look large, but he knew from personal experience that the house had been renovated, and had two wings off the sides.  There was also a basement that allowed for more public events, along with private rooms to make it more personal.  The attic held high-end play rooms, and for the special guest there were bungalows further back on the property.

He had known all this, because he been to there many times since he moved to Las Vegas, even had a suite in the private section.  It was a place where Warrick and him could escape and leave behind all traces of Stokes and Brown, CSI, and the double life they were leading.

Lady Heather’s Domain

At least Jim had warned him before they arrived. He also mentioned that Gil was curious about Heather, and seemed to paying more attention to her than normal.

Nick closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He was not going to freak out over Gil talking to his mother.

He was a Roman General, and had dealt with more embarrassing things while enslaved in Egypt with King Arthur.  He was not going to blush or stammer over the fact his boss was fascinated with his mother.

His mother who ran a brothel.


It’s a Monday



Lets start off with a pretty picture for Monday morning.

And now onto Monday’s Announcements

First:  Let me apologize for not posting a Calender for March.  There has been a lot of stuff going on in RL and before I knew it…it was March 8th and no time to put one together.  The calender will be back in April!! *shifty look*

Second: For those who are working on Spring Fling – just checking in to see how things are going!

Third: Bob has been on a wild spree having way too much fun plotting with Bob 2 making life difficult for their writers *glares at unrepentant rabbits*.  The 10th Anniversary of Clan War is moving along as is the CSI: Anthology that will lead up to the re-release.

And to be an evil tease… here is another snippet from the Anthology *evil cackle*

~ Set in Boom ~

“How can I help you? Mr…” Gil’s voice hardened slightly not liking the man in front of him.

“Harvey Specter of Pearson Hardman.” He didn’t extend his hand in greeting. “I’m Mr. Stokes attorney.”

“No chargers were brought against him,” he said simply.

“Irrelevant.  You harassed my client, tarnished his professional reputation, and slandered his good name.” Harvey slipped his hands in his pocket, only to sneer when he pulled it back out with more goo.  He found the nearest shelf and wiped it off.

“Nick has the right to bring up those grievances with his union rep and the HR Department for the Lab.” Grissom stayed calm refusing to rise to the bait.

“I wanted to sue your ass, but Nick is too kind hearted to be an asshole.” He glared down at the older gentleman. “In truth Mr. Grissom I don’t like you.  I don’t like how you treat Nick. I don’t like how you hold him up to a double standard.  I think your motives towards my client are personal and I just can’t figure out if you want to tuck him into bed or fuck him into it.”

“How dare you!”

Nicky Stokes vs Nicolaus Meridius

As I’m working on CSI Stories that will lead up to the 10th Anniversary of Clan War – Nico and Warrick have become a pain in my ass.

The demanding sons of bitches have changed and added storyline in their favor (Speed is still trying to figure out how that happened – since Clan War started because of him), and they added additional characters.

Jim Brass I’m pointedly looking at you.

Who doesn’t look very repentant.

So while working on old school, future storylines have started to form.  Nico has decided he doesn’t want to continue to be a stay at home grandpa. Now I’ll be evil and let y’all wonder what he’s going to do with his life after Evolution *cackles*.

But I will be nice and show you the two gifs that inspired the movement from Nicky Stokes to Nicolaus Meridius.


Nicky Stokes



Nicolaus Meridius

Despite the Sylum implications – I have to say Nicky has come a long way in CSI.


The Bobs and their Evil Scheming

So once again the Bobs have decided to make their writers lives a living hell.  *hears cackling in the corner*

How should I put this…

It started off with these two


 There are some old school CSI Bunnies wandering around – that we won’t talk about.

But they may have something to do with this


Or and the guy in the suit – invade massive storyline


And just when you think they’re done.  No they had to go and raid a particular storyline that was meant for these two!


Who are now plotting revenge and I’m not quite sure yet if I’m looking forward to it or not…

But as you can see – these two are not looking very repentant


So after we dealt with the Old School CSI Bunnies from hell  and figured all was quiet on the Bob Front…

Famous Last Words.

This guy showed up all scruffy


He tagged along and brought his furry friend

The Raven


 Which some how led to a massive storyline with multiple characters being included because of these two!!



    Leaving this one sulking at the Vatican



Only to find out this one has been plotting


In the end leaving us writers staring at

 Bob &   Bob2

 in horror and shock!  While scrambling for paper/pen to write down notes and start making edits!

*Evil Cackle heard in the distance*

What’s in store for 2014?


We’ve recovered from Advent or maybe should say we’re still recovering, anyway, the Sylum Writers are starting to put together what will be happening in 2014.

Spring Fling will start Easter Sunday with a story from ‘The Warren’.

Seven Days of Summer will start in July.  Rumors have it that there maybe Part 2 of Wayward Son in that selection of stories.

Sylum Advent as always is the month of December.

The Christmas Card Exchange will also continue this year, just a few weeks early to give everyone time.  I hope last years went decently and those who participated enjoyed their cards.

Now for a few different things that will be happening this year.

Next year (2015) will be the 10th Anniversary of Sylum Clan.

I’m going to sit here and let that sink in for a moment.

Yeah 10 Years! 10! 

Many of us will be gearing up for 2015 as we work through this year.   One of the things you will be seeing in prep for next year – is Old School CSI stories.  A few of us have been watching Old School CSI remembering the joys of a baby Nicky *pets him* and working on stories to showcase Nico through those moments.  These stories will lead up to the 10th Anniversary Edition of Clan War.

George Eads_Fence

There are many fun and cool things coming to Sylum this year and we hope everyone will enjoy what we have in store!

Sylum Advent – December 27th: Snippets from Upcoming Sylum Stories

December 27th



Title: Snippets from Upcoming Sylum Stories

Author: BJ Jones, Timothy Quinn, Gil Grissom, Jack Sparrow, John Sheppard, and Taibhrigh

Summary: Snippets of upcoming stories for Sylum – including a snippet for each of the teaser trailers that’s already been shown.


Link to Sylum Advent

Bob’s Bender of a Weekend


Bob —>  Bob


Bob 2 —> Bob2


Went on a complete Plotting Bender over the weekend.  To the point of major character developments, story lines, story arcs, plot changes, and WTF was that, you (*&#@# Rabbit!

First there’s this guy —> jeffrey_dean_morgan_10

Who snuck into storyline where he didn’t belong and changed future storylines just by his mere presence.  As you can see he is not repentful.


Then there’s this particular Assassin


Wanted to discuss storyline that isn’t even in the realm of being written yet *glares*


And not matter how hard I try to gag this particular bunny


It keeps coming back … kinda like a zombie.


atmosphere-rush-04 <— There’s a Formula 1 Bunny zipping around the house that can’t stop long enough to tell us what it wants.

Irony this one —>  rush_l2_0 came in for a pit stop and hasn’t left.


And this guy —> 1378608_514676125284326_1356026174_n Keeps hiding in the shadows


Oh and not to be left out, cause we could never leave him out….

This guy —> george-eads (who is herding at the moment)

Teamed up with this one —> Maximus_Quintus_1


who now has ties with —> Prince-of-Persia-The-Sands-of-Time-Movie-Review-4


These two —> martin_lawrence_and_will_smith_in_bad_boys_ii_hd_wallpaper-HD  are demanding a Timestamp!


 And of course let’s not forget Bob 2 who’s been just as bad as his papa.

See there’s this —> BWi4PnXCYAEjDwR

Teamed up with —> med_pierfrancesco-favino-2010-jpg

And we’re not telling how 😀 cause we can be just as evil as the Bobs!!!


After all that…


We won’t even mentioning this guy

Happy New Year – 2013!!!!

Happy New Year from Sylum Manor!!!

May 2013 be wonderful and full of surprises!!!



Oak BW



There are many cool things heading to Sylum this year! A few things everyone can look forward to:

– Spring Fling (more information will be coming very soon)

– Seven Days of Summer

– Sylum Advent

– Reposting of Family to catch up with all the changes that Bob and Bob 2 has tossed into the mix

– Evolution!!

I’m really excited for the New Year and all that it entails for Sylum!!

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