Sylum 10th Anniversary: Sylum Q&A



Q: Would like to know if there will be more JackB and Chase stories?

A: Speaking of Jack and Chase…  The two actually have weaseled or worked themselves into their own storyline.   As we’ve re-worked Clan War – Jack and Chase weren’t fitting as well as expected.  Instead after a round of Bauer style negotiations – mainly his way or the highway – the two ended up with their own story.  *sneaky bastards*

Because of this *glares at the two very non-repentant CTU Agents* I’ve had to adjust the Clan War Teaser Trailer  <— Click to view it.  *sits and waits*

Q: Also will Sam/Dean be in same stories?  Wasn’t sure if this would be continued of question 1 or a question all by itself.  So to be safe I put it in 2 questions.  Ok?

A: Well the new ideas brew, Sam and Dean won’t make an appearances as they wouldn’t have arrived into Sylum yet.  For future stories, I can see them working with Jack and Chase.

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