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Throwback Thursday: Sylum Trailers

Last week we put up a Memorial for Chester Bennington Lead Singer of Linkin Park.  With the statement that much of their music has been an influence on Sylum.  Yesterday’s post weirdly showed how long they’ve been an influence!

I know we showcased the Sylum Music Room just a few Throwback Thursday’s ago … but I wanted to showcase Videos/Trailers made for Sylum that used Linkin Park’s music.  To show how they really have become Sylum’s Soundtrack.


Lost Son 10th Anniversary Video

Into Winter Teaser Trailer

Roads Untravelled Trailer

CSI: Anthology Trailer

Sylum’s Hackers (Mike Shinoda)

Clan Travel Brochure


Fanmixes w/Linkin Park Songs

CSI: Anthology

10th Anniversary Vol 1

10th Anniversary Vol 2

Clan Travel Brochure

Graphic Gecko Once Upon A Time Playlist


10th Anniversary: Lost Son


 *I was kind and didn’t actually post a pic from that episode*

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since that episode.  Think about that 10 years.  Ten years ago we didn’t have iPhones.  Twitter. Instagram. Tumblr.  Facebook was a baby.

Ten years is a long time.  Hell in my own life I was laid off from work, got a new job, and then rehired back at my old one.

Ten years of stories, art, videos, drama, attempted coups, and headdesking.  No one will forget the Jim West debate.  The ‘Driving off on a mustang’.  The Rodney is a virgin and Shep a Confederate. *if you don’t know these things I’m not sure if you’re lucky or missed out*

When rumors hit that Rory was leaving CSI: Miami I was like you got to be kidding me – I watched the show because of him.  When snippets and info got out of how they were removing the character … I just got pissed.

Irony I was on vacation (with the now ex) and wasn’t home when the episode aired. I had to wait a week! A WEEK! Before I could sit down and watch it, though part of me didn’t want to – I already knew the ending.  When we got home the Satellite Dish blew over in a windstorm – ex was bitching … me was like I don’t really give a fuck – just make sure Miami was recorded.  Luckily the dish blew over after premier of CSI – obviously it loved me.  Ex on the other hand didn’t get his shows recorded *evil smirk*

Finally ex was at work. I sat down grabbed the tissues and proceeded to ball my eyes out and cursed the writers.   I had started writing fanfiction before that just barely a few things here and there… some that will never see the light of day EVER!  I hadn’t quite written slash (oh read it but not quite wrote it).  So first fix-it story was Gen *and yes you can find that story in The General’s Office – along with all the others*.  Then I said fuck it and wrote the slash… a story here, story there… and then it was born.



How that particular bunny changed my life is a whole different blog post.  Today we’re celebrating … ish the 10th Anniversary of Lost Son.  There I said it… that Episode.

This is the unofficial kick off of the 10th Anniversary of Sylum – think of it as the pre-game events.  Starting next year we’ll be doing a lot for the 10th Anniversary – including 10th Anniversary Editions of Clan War.  Artwork. Vids. Music. Trivia. Q&A … the list goes on.

Today we showcase: 10th Anniversary – Lost Son Video.

*hands out tissues*

Note – sit through the whole thing it’s worth it!



Link to Video

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