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Throwback Thursday: Sylum Trailers

Last week we put up a Memorial for Chester Bennington Lead Singer of Linkin Park.  With the statement that much of their music has been an influence on Sylum.  Yesterday’s post weirdly showed how long they’ve been an influence!

I know we showcased the Sylum Music Room just a few Throwback Thursday’s ago … but I wanted to showcase Videos/Trailers made for Sylum that used Linkin Park’s music.  To show how they really have become Sylum’s Soundtrack.


Lost Son 10th Anniversary Video

Into Winter Teaser Trailer

Roads Untravelled Trailer

CSI: Anthology Trailer

Sylum’s Hackers (Mike Shinoda)

Clan Travel Brochure


Fanmixes w/Linkin Park Songs

CSI: Anthology

10th Anniversary Vol 1

10th Anniversary Vol 2

Clan Travel Brochure

Graphic Gecko Once Upon A Time Playlist


Throwback Thursday: Clan Travel Brochure Video


As we’re approaching one year since the Sylum Wiki went live.

*still has nightmares about the wiki*

Add in that this December while y’all are enjoying Advent, I’ll be in December Wiki Wiki – updating, editing, and adding characters.

Clan Travel Brochure Video


Also don’t forget you can download the Soundtrack of all the music featured in the Video!


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