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Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A

Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A




Q: I heard rumors of a storyline involving Ethan Hunt in the works and since vampires tend to live different lives through the decades, was one of his as Maverick from Top Gun?

A: Yes there is an Ethan Hunt story in the works, if the bunny will stop squirming in his gear.  Ethan has always been in Intelligence, he really hasn’t moved off that type of job or work.  Either working CIA directly or IMF inside the CIA.

As for Maverick *smirks*  – well lets just say the Top Gun has his own position in the Clan.

Q: Will we see more of the Ancient?

A: Viduus story is still working it’s self out.  But now that The Doctor is back, more of their story will start to emerge.  At the moment you’re likely to see him in the background helping out supplemental to other stories.

Q: Will we be seeing characters from some of the beloved sci fi movies like the Man in Black or the Fifth Element?

A: There are a few ‘sci-fi’ shows that are set to appear in later story arcs.   One of the main things we have with Sylum – is making it as realistic as possible.   So we have to come up with a good explanation or reasoning of how anything fits into the universe.  Having the Stargate helps a lot in that area!  So on that note: Men in Black – yes will make an appearance. We’ve already introduced Star Wars to an extent, and Star Trek in time will also appear.  Fifth Element, Aliens, etc… are ideas we’re just working on details or if it’s even an option.


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