The General is Moving!

So yes we’re moving.

The next two months will be hectic and chaotic.

Posts have been prepped way in advance, hopefully nothing will go off the rails *crosses fingers*.  If need to get a hold of me – email: … but note it could take time for me to get back to you.

There will be times I’m not able to access the blog or site.  So be patient if something does happen, I’ll work to get things fixed as quickly as possible.

At the moment – Sylum Vault is closed and we’ll make announcement when it reopens, likely in October.

Most importantly the bunnies have been packed and organized, hopefully they won’t get lost on the way to their new den.

Wish us luck and see you on the flip side.

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4 Responses to The General is Moving!

  1. Paula Cas says:

    Good Luck! No pulling muscles or straining backs. Lift with your legs! <3

  2. najean1 says:

    Good luck, my General. Been there, done that! Exhilarating,but exhausting…
    We moved twice in one year: flood problems in the apartments. We”ve been in the townhouse now for close to a year. Townhouse, apartment or house?
    Be careful and don’t try to do everything at once!
    —-Naj 😀 ❤☕☕

  3. Best wishes for your move and new abode.

  4. Sonia Costoya Rodriguez says:

    Good luck! I know moving can be stressing and extremely frustrating!

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