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Sylum Announcement

Sylum Announcement

COVID-19 AKA: Coronavirus

I’m sure all of you have received many emails from a variety of sources about COVID-19.  This isn’t one of them, not really.

Many of us are either working from home, staying home (some mandated, others in early precaution stages), and keeping social contact to a minimum – we’re finding a lot of time on our hands.

Just know that we’re keeping up with our goals of having a post go out a day, so you should have something to look forward to.  Though I would love to take this time and focus more on Sylum I’m actually working from home :(.  Though napz have been had *don’t tell anyone*.

So while we’re curled up on our couches, watching Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, those favorite DVDs that never come out of the player or reading some new books that you always wanted to read or that old book just love to read all the time – this would be a good time to catch up on Sylum!  Read it all over again.  All of it!  Make sure notes/comments to the authors.

The Manor has survived many things in history, this is just one more thing to be added.

If you need to talk to someone, reach out on the blog to get a conversation going.

And guys.  Take care of yourself.  Wash your hands.  Stay safe.  Be kind.  We’re all in this together.

The General.

Aka – Bj Jones


  1. najean1

    My General, I am glad to hear from you. I’m with you on the advice: everyone wash hands frequently, stay home and only go out in the world if absolutely necessary!
    My daughter and my doctors have mandated I stay home. My granddaughter is going to school online and can’t go to work because of restaurant closings. ( In normal times, she works at Texas Roadhouse after school. A Good Thing for someone starting culinary school this fall!)
    So, I have been reading Sylum for the last few weeks. Enjoying it tremendously.
    I hope all my Sylum family is safe and sound. I love all of you!
    —-Naj 😀

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