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Sylum Security: Update

Sylum Security: Update

Security Update

As mentioned earlier that the Yahoo Groups are going away … ish.  They are basically turning into a listserve.  There will be no online group, where you can upload files or access older emails.  Well for the Sylum Security this isn’t an issue, not really.

So we decided to basically keep things the way they are.  I’ll send out emails at the first of the month with the password, as a reminder.  When we do decided to update the password (Warning!  This will likely be next year!) we’ll send out plenty of notices via the group.

You will still need this password to access the Sylum Wiki along with fanmixs/videos.  When you request access, we’ll be using this as your statement that you’re over 18 and fully understand what you’re getting into.

If you already are part of the Yahoo Group!  Great no need to do anything.  If you’re not – go here and request access for the password.

Thanks for the patience as we tried to figure all this out.

Note:  Those of you that have access to the old Sylum Yahoo Group (ahh the memories).  Though the group was closed, I left it active for archival purposes.  As they are removing all the content, it’s kinda pointless.  So by end of year that group will be deleted.  So the only group you should be apart of is this one Clan Security and that’s only for the purpose of distributing the password.

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