Seven Days of Summer – 2016: July 7th




Title: The Spy Among Us
Author: Bj Jones
Rating: Nc-17
Summary:  Westen and his team go after Ashton and the Illuminati.
Author Note: This is the 3rd in the Westen Series … this isn’t the last one, but it wraps up this particular section of storyline.  Also leads into the next segment.  You’re going to have to have read the previous Westen stories:  The Death of Michael Westen and The Return of Larry.
Creative Consultant: Timothy Quinn

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8 Responses to Seven Days of Summer – 2016: July 7th

  1. luvinmike says:

    I was right!! It WAS Giles!! (happy dance)

  2. Maine says:

    OMG!!! Yes!!! I know it!!!!

  3. Kim Gyorkos says:

    Hole. Lee. SHIT!!!!

  4. Paula Cas says:

    Evil cliffhanger enabler. It’s such a loooonnnggg time until Advent.

  5. Paula Cas says:

    I love the banners Taibhrigh has done for all the stories.

  6. Dian says:

    Thank you for yet an other great story. I am a little bit sad that Giles is the Spy because I liked him but I am happy that Dr. Barton is not the spy but I look forward what will go on with her. I am hopping that new stories are not to far away – you are very good at cliffhanger.

  7. Antoinette says:

    Thanks for all the stories and snippets.

    Taibrigh has done excellent banners too.

  8. Felicia Cooper says:

    Noooooo! I can’t believe it! Giles! OMG! I was hoping it wasn’t him. Speed will be devastated! First his son with idiot Joe and now a man he trusted in his precious library. I have to say that you writers are the best. Such great stories with characters I don’t even know but I’m interested in their stories now. You guys have so many stories out that I can’t wait to see how you link them all together. Thank you for the great Seven Days this year. Looking forward to the great stories.

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