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Sylum Advent 2016: Reaction Post

Sylum Advent 2016: Reaction Post


And this concludes Sylum Advent for 2016!

What an adventure!  I have to admit this one was a rough one, but as always we pulled it off.

For those who want to leave a quick message or just are still catching up – drop a comment here on this post to let the Author’s know you liked their stories.  We don’t get paid for this, so it’s nice to know when the story is appreciated.



  1. Antoinette

    Thanks for all the great stories and looks at all the other Clans including the Vampire Council. The snippets from A Libera Nos A Malo are intriguing and I’m looking forward to the story. Dia de Muertos was a great look at Border Clan and the relationship they have with the people of Salina Cruz – We have no intention of shooting ourselves in the ass because Vampires decided to make their home in our city. It’s Always Sunny in Sitka showcases Serenity through Hardison’s eyes while
    A Place for Those Not Seen and Voices Unheard shows a different side of Vampire society with a glimpse of Lady Heather and Evy. Through Another’s Eyes is excellent with a perfect summary: Santa Anna reflects on the life he’s led and how he came to be where he is. Bravo to all the writers and Taibhrigh’s excellent banners.

    The Wiki was excellent with the human and vampire lives of many characters who I never heard of. Thanks for all the work on the Wiki fleshing out people who I’m not familiar with.

  2. Cheryl the Wiki Stalker

    Thank you Thank you to all the writers. I loved all of the stories and I very much appreciate that this year was mostly a look into new characters. Always nice to flesh out the side characters that help build and ensure a story arc.

    I am sad to see some of the characters go but am looking forward to the new ones as well.

    Through Another’s Eyes was a great take on a different type of Mate relationship.

    I am very happy to see the other Ray isnt completely axed from Sylum universe as shown in A Place for Those Not Seen and Voices Unheard and I think it set up really well in the limited scope how he is portrayed in a way that fits his character but shows he isnt the best fit for Benton in this universe.

    I am very appreciative for more POI fic and I love how the Machine is weaving into the universe.

    Looks of teasers abounding….especially cannot wait to see who Dorian’s mate is….and I am very much looking forward to eventually getting Jurassic World in Sylum…I have a huge soft spot for Owen Grady

  3. Bravo to all the writers of these great stories! I thought that I wouldn’t be interested in reading any of these stories because I didn’t know any of these fandoms. However, my curiosity was piqued and now I’m invested in these characters. I want to know more about their stories and how they fit in the clans. Thank God for the Wiki! I learned more about characters I didn’t even know were in the clans. I also learned more about our clan leader than I thought I knew. So many secrets! I love it! I am so looking forward to this year and the new Sylum arcs. You writers are wonderful to continue giving us the best stories and keeping these characters alive. Thank you for the entertaining reads.

  4. What a wonderful Advent! The stories where awesome. Loved the insights into the other Clans. I enjoyed them all. Thank you to you hard working authors. I’m glad that Ray Kolwalski will be in the Clan. Also Jurassic World! The POI, and the Machine are great!

    To the authors, may real life give you a break and your bunnies continue to talk to you.

    Taibhrigh your art was fantastic! Thank you!

    Take care, looking forward to more of these wonderful fics!

  5. Dian1988

    A big thank you to all authors . I loved the sneak peaks in all the clans and also the works of the guest authors. You all did great work and I look forward to a interesting Sylum Year as the works in progress and teasers promise. Thank you also to Taibhrigh for the great banners. I wish you all a good 2017 with a lot of inspiration.

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