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Discord Day!!!

So I suck! 

This was supposed to happen last Saturday, but the post didn’t get put up – mainly because RL has been kinda hectic lately.

On that note – it’s now Discord Saturday!  Stop by and say hello!!

Sylum Discord

Upcoming Discord Day: Saturday January 22nd

I know some are still getting used to the discord, and it can be a bit confusing.   

But we’re having some good moments on the discord so I hope people stop by this upcoming Sylum Discord Day! 

This month’s will be on January 22nd.  Stop by any time, whatever time zone and at least say hello.

Discord Chat Day!!

Come on down it’s Chat Day!!!

Reminder we’ll have another two special chats later this month!  

October 29th – is my birthday … basically just add pretty pretty pictures – I’ll be happy 😀

October 31st – Happy Halloween!

Sylum Discord Server

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