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Upcoming Discord Day: Saturday January 22nd

I know some are still getting used to the discord, and it can be a bit confusing.   

But we’re having some good moments on the discord so I hope people stop by this upcoming Sylum Discord Day! 

This month’s will be on January 22nd.  Stop by any time, whatever time zone and at least say hello.

Discord Chat Day!!

Come on down it’s Chat Day!!!

Reminder we’ll have another two special chats later this month!  

October 29th – is my birthday … basically just add pretty pretty pictures – I’ll be happy 😀

October 31st – Happy Halloween!

Sylum Discord Server

Discord Date!

Following the responses from the Poll we’re going to set a Monthly Date to be open all day for everyone can come in and wander around.

This month will be Saturday – September 25th!

Don’t worry – we’ll set up reminders!

So put it on your calendar and join us for the first ever Sylum Chat Date!

We’ll keep the Coffee House Friday (which there is a specific channel for now), plus add in specific Holidays/Special Events.

For all of these – there will be reminders and links to the discord!


How to set up a Discord Account

Sylum Discord

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