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Discord Date!

Following the responses from the Poll we’re going to set a Monthly Date to be open all day for everyone can come in and wander around.

This month will be Saturday – September 25th!

Don’t worry – we’ll set up reminders!

So put it on your calendar and join us for the first ever Sylum Chat Date!

We’ll keep the Coffee House Friday (which there is a specific channel for now), plus add in specific Holidays/Special Events.

For all of these – there will be reminders and links to the discord!


How to set up a Discord Account

Sylum Discord

Discord Chat – Take Two

Already seeing some good response to the polls!  Thanks!  Plots are already afoot!

It would seem I was posting the wrong link to the Sylum Server *eyerolls at self* 

Considering I almost screwed up my posting schedule cause I forgot there was an August 31st – it’s been a rough couple of months 😀

Link to Sylum Server

I’ve also added the link to the Menu/Sylum Information.

Discord Poll


We’re still working on getting a better handle on how to use the discord.  

It’s open for Coffee House Fridays, and for random days – there will be a link to the discord to have an interesting discussion.

But we also are looking for everyone elses thoughts.

Please take the survey/poll below the cut.

Read more“Discord Poll”

Discord: Re-Open or at least dusted the place out

When the votes settled, it was pretty unanimous on the side of Yes to bring the Discord back up with the idea of adding events/times for people to get together.

I’ve got a few things set up – including every Coffee Friday to get people to chat more.

For those who already on Discord, go here for Sylum’s Page

For those who no idea about Discord, go here to read up on how to make an account and where to go.


Sylum Chat!

Sylum Chat! Sylum Chat!


Yes we have one!  Yes you should check it out!

There’s been some interesting discussions, pictures, and ideas tossed around.

Come on by.

To find out how to sign up for the Sylum Chat – Go Here!

But wait – isn’t Monday normally Sylum Inspiration?

Why yes it is, but as February 1st is on Wednesday we’ve moved it to tie into the release of the Sylum Monthly Calendar!

So come on by the Chat and check out the #Sylum_Pretties Channel … you know you want to!

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