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Throwback Thursday: Sylum Chat

Throwback Thursday: Sylum Chat


The one thing many have missed from the Sylum Yahoo Group is the ability to chat.  The ability to interact with other members of the group, talk about Sylum, Fandom, and Random things.

We’ve been trying to figure out a variety of ways to get that back, not many of them have worked.   The Forums, were to clunky and with the server issues, not very flexible and timed out continuously.  The Blog itself is great for a few comments, like on stories or at times on Coffee House Friday – but again it’s slow and can get clunky.

Since November, I’ve been searching for a ‘chat’ program or something similar, that everyone could easily participate in and have a place to get away from RL, and submerge themselves in Sylum or just hang out with friends.  A place where you can have some old fashion RPing with the Sylum Characters people adopted, post pretty pictures, and fun memes.  There will be no discussion of politics whatsoever.  None. No. Don’t even think about it.  This chat is a place for everyone to feel welcome, to relax, and not deal with what is going on outside.

Basically a ‘Safe Place’ for all.

By fluke or divine Sylum intercession – I was invited to a chat program, and it turned out to be just what Sylum ordered.

So with no further ado – I’m Inviting y’all to Sylum Chat!

Please follow the instructions carefully, though the chat program is simple to use and navigate – it takes a moment to get everything in order.

Step One:

Go to

Create an Account


You’ll get an email to verify your account, which will bring you to…


Step Two:

Close the Discord Window/App


Step Three:

Come back to this post and click the link that will bring you to Sylum

Sylum Discord


Step Four:

Read the Rules/Regulation Channel!

Dive in and have fun!

No seriously guys read the Rules/Regulation Channel!!!







  1. Val

    Ohh, yay, another way for Sylum to eat my brain!

    ‘Cause I don’t ..spend enough time on the site already….not like I’m rereading Evolution for the literal tenth time or anything.

  2. Can somebody help me pls? I’m a little (a lot) late to Sylum. It says I need a username and a password to read the stories. How do I get those? Do I need to join the yahoo group? Will I get a mail to notify me if I’ve been accepted or not? (This may seem stupid, but I never joined a yahoo group before and I really don’t know what I’m doing) :)) Thanks

    1. Nicolaus Meridius


      Welcome to Sylum. To get the password you’ll need to go: … follow the instructions to sign up for the group – I check usually every couple of days to see if new submission then approve them. You’ll get an email with the username/password. The go to – click enter type in username/password and you’ll be in the website – from there you can access the art, music, and stories.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Bj Jones

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