Seven Days of Summer 2018: Wiki Update

We’ve had some secondary updates on the Sylum Wiki.  For this round we’ve edited a few of the pages: Sylum Library, Wiki Navigation, and the Welcome Page.  We’ve also added a Site ID image (hopefully it shows up). *Actually we have Site IDs for the Blog and Website also.

One of the major things we’ve been working on is adding more Diversity into the Clans.  So you will see more characters in Ghost/Darkness, Shogun and Oceania.  We worked to also include more woman through all the Clans.

Note: We’re always updating images … a special thank you to taibhrigh for all their hard work on the Wiki.  So do stop by on occasions to see what images have been changed.

Added Characters: 32 New Characters!! 8 of those were last minute, as we suddenly had an influx of characters for Oceania.

Note: Click on Clan Name to be led to Clan Page

Camelot Clan

Master David
Joshua Faraday
Paul Mallory
Sir Hilary Bray
Violet Jessup

Ehre/Weinsheit Clan

David Percival

Ghost/Darkness Clan 


Lealta Kin Clan

Austin Carmichael
Maria Carmichael

Medjai Clan

Jacob Peter Quill

Mod Kin Clan

Catherine Langford

Oceania Clan

Emma Frost
Jay Swan
David Unaipon
Fanny Conchrane Smith
Gladys Elphick
Catherine Helen Spence
Henrietta Dugdale

Sanctuary Clan 

Charles Evan

Shogun Clan

Nakano Takeko

Sylum Clan

Lady Rogue
Kevin Collard

Tallikut Clan

Miss. Scarlet
Mary Grace Humiston



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