Sylum Pirate Aesthetic: Pirates Pintel & Ragetti



They stared at their two new passengers, with shock and dismay. Will shook his head, saying exactly what Jack was thinking. “You’ve got to be kidding me!?”

“We want to be part of your crew.” Pintel motioned between him and Ragetti. They had known this was a long shot, but they were tired of Barbossa and the other undead pirates. They had decided to plead their case to Turner, knowing if they could convince him that they were changed undead pirates, and loyal to the Pearl. The captain would have to take them in, as everyone knew Sparrow couldn’t say no to his First Mate.

“On the Pearl? The very ship you hijacked from me, and then became undead Pirates.” Jack sashayed around them, giving them a suspicious stare. “What makes ye think I’ll let you onboard?”

“One cursed pirate to another.” Ragetti commented. “We have a kinda comradeship, knowing we’ll be eternal while loved ones die around us.”

“We’re not cursed.” Will pointed out, giving them both a look. “You betrayed Jack, and you kidnapped Miss Swann.”

“Well you really don’t care about that now, do you lad?” Pintel returned the look, one eyebrow raised. “Considering her announcement.”


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