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Seven Days of Summer 2017: Day 7

VidMaker: Bj Jones
Summary: Trailer for upcoming re-work and additional Pirate stories
Artist: Taibhrigh

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Teaser from Dead Man’s Chest

Calhoun’s gaze settled on his Mate, a small smile spreading across his face.  In the past few years he looked more Pirate than English Lord.  The dark hair was browner, having been bleached by the sun, and was longer than when he had first had his way with the Englishman, the black velvet tie was no longer used to pull it back but instead tie of the braid that was settling on his shoulder.  The fancy clothes were replaced by durable sea worth wear, a cutlass strapped to his side, with two side arms settled against his lower back.

Over time he had discovered he wasn’t actually an English Lord, but a Roman.

After they had Mated titles really didn’t mean anything to him.

English Lord.

Roman Lord.

There was no difference.

Neither would secure safe passage in the Caribbean.

Until he saw the Roman truly come out, and it was far from the English Lord he played.  Warrick watched in awe and ended up horny as hell as his Mate ripped to shreds a group of soldiers working for the East India Trading Company that had the audacity to arrest Captain Calhoun.

Tony and Timothy had broken him out of the cell, while Nick finished off the soldiers.  The grace and brutality that he used to dispatch the idiots was beautiful.  For a moment he had thought he was looking at another who was known ‘to fight like a devil dressed as a man’.

When Nick pulled his sword from the soldier’s gut watching as he fell next to his comrades, then turned towards Warrick eyes flashing – he had been tempted to drop to his knees.

Anthony slid next to him, smirking slightly.  ‘Captain, I would like to introduce you to the Roman General Nicolaus Valerius Meridius.’

Jack Sparrow Aesthetic by Captain Jack Sparrow


Will Turner Aesthetic by Captain Jack Sparrow

This is also when we would like to take the time to announce our next ‘Appreciation Day’.

Sept 19th – Pirate Appreciation Day

More info will be forthcoming


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