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Sylum Teaser

Author’s Note:  These are three new characters coming into Sylum.  Story is actually being written, because Speed my beloved other half somehow convinced me – so this is for them.   It’s been a while since got an idea and the story just flows off the fingers (it’s actually kinda nice).

If you can guess the inspiration you’ll get a virtual cookie 🙂

Images and tiny tiny snippet under the cut!

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Spotify List: Ghosting Out

Each month I’m going to work in building/sharing playlists that are for upcoming Sylum Stories or just simple Inspiration.

This months is for a story that is in progress: Ghosting Out

You will need an account for Spotify to listen … I think (I’m still very new at it).

And a small teaser for the upcoming story.

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May The Fourth Be With You

This will be slightly different from normal Sylum Posts. To be honest May snuck up on me and I wasn’t prepared for May the 4th Be With You. *hangs head in shame*

A couple of months ago I participated in Commander Cody Appreciation Week on Tumblr. These really aren’t Sylum related, but it’s me so it could be *grins*. One snippet is from the Dragon General storyline. Four Snippets are simply set inside ‘The Clone Wars’. One is a concept that’s going around of Cody … hopefully appearing in the new Obi-Wan Series or Bad Batch – as a Purge Trooper, if don’t know what that is – ask I’ll totally go all Star Wars geek on you. And one is an AU idea that is running around.

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Seven Days of Summer 2020: Day Seven

Before you squee to hard! This is a small segment that has been added to showcase the transition between Hurricane Season and Family.

To be honest I had every intention of having the edits for Family finished by Advent … but 2020 happened and best laid plans fell by the wayside.  I’m still working on it, it’s just not going to be done this year, like a few other stories.

But here you go … the opening prologue for Family.

Title: Prologue – A Time For Every Matter Under Heaven

Author: Bj Jones

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Sylum Teaser!

Another Teaser that is possible for Advent.   Though I won’t confirm nor deny if it will be seen at Advent as we know Bob is an asshole!

Also – these characters are not in the wiki, they are new characters and not based on a specific fandom.  If you want to know the sport being played its Australian Rugby League.

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