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May The Fourth Be With You

This will be slightly different from normal Sylum Posts. To be honest May snuck up on me and I wasn’t prepared for May the 4th Be With You. *hangs head in shame*

A couple of months ago I participated in Commander Cody Appreciation Week on Tumblr. These really aren’t Sylum related, but it’s me so it could be *grins*. One snippet is from the Dragon General storyline. Four Snippets are simply set inside ‘The Clone Wars’. One is a concept that’s going around of Cody … hopefully appearing in the new Obi-Wan Series or Bad Batch – as a Purge Trooper, if don’t know what that is – ask I’ll totally go all Star Wars geek on you. And one is an AU idea that is running around.

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May the 4th Be With You

May the 4th Be With You!

Can’t have this day go by without some Obi-Wan Snippets! These are moments through Obi-Wan’s life, and his daredevil tendencies. These will likely end up part of larger stories down the road.

Kenway watched the little one carefully. Nico had officially adopted the kid, which made him their younger brother, so it was his duty to protect the trouble maker. Arrakis was not a planet one should wander around on alone, though the young Jedi had already endeared himself not only to the God Emperor, but the head Fremen, who had a tenacity that Kenway could relate to.

Once it took him a moment to figure out what Obi-Wan was up to, he rushed into the middle of the market catching him as he fell through the ropes. He stared down at the six year old, giving him a disapproving look.

“I saw Master Nico do it.”

“Master Nico is about twice your size, and doesn’t have tiny legs.” Kenway set him on the ground, biting back the smirk at the Roman glare he was receiving. “Kid I’m a pirate, your glares won’t work on me.”

“Then show me how you run across the rooftops and climb on walls.” He glanced upwards from where he had fallen.

“Sure why not, it’s not like your Jedi Council can hurt me.” He guided the kid to one of the side walls, out of sight of the merchants. “First rule, never climb up walls in front of others, especially civilians. Most of them will think you’re insane, others will wait until you fall and break a leg, just so they can say ‘I told you so’.”

He nodded sagely, then watched as Kenway showed him how to search for grips and foot holds in the wall. With a determination he followed behind, when the hold was too far he called out to the Force to pull himself up, or make the jump go further.

When they reached the rooftop, they found Master Nico standing there with his arms crossed over his chest, glaring at the both of them.

“I’m a Roman, glares won’t work on me.”

Somewhere below them they could hear Shep and O’Neil laughing their asses off. Nico couldn’t help the chuckle. “His future Master is going to hate us so much.”

Kenway smirked wickedly.

For the next two days they worked with Obi-Wan showing him how to judge distances when running across all different types of terrain.

At the end, the two sat back and watched with pride, as the six year old flew across the rooftops, then commanded a perfect leap of faith straight into a haypile.


Qui-Gon was pretty sure the day he met Master Nico, he was going to hit him, then do it a second time, and if he felt like it, a third. He didn’t care how un-Jedi like it was, the man was a menace, and had taught his Padawan a set of skills that – though were extremely useful – gave him a heart attack every time he used them.

As they ran through the town he watched as Obi-Wan shimmied up a building, ran across the rooftops, only to graciously leap over the edge, to land in front of the assassin, knocking him out cold. The small grin on his Padawan’s face had stopped him from screaming in fearful frustration. Instead he gave him a small nod, then dragged the assassin back to the local authorities. If the murdering bastard had a few extra bruises, due to his angry stalk back to the magistrate, it wasn’t really his fault.

After long hours of talking with the authorities, politicians, the Jedi Council, he finally found a moment to meditate, making sure to disperse his fear into the Force. After he finally felt calm enough, he went to talk to his Padawan, only to panic when he didn’t find him in his room. This time he released his anger into the Force, then tracked down the wayward twelve year-old.

Only to scream out in fear when he watched Obi-Wan miscalculate a jump and began to fall. He reached out with the Force, shoving him towards the building, giving his Padawan a chance to grab a window ledge. It would take a few years before he would admit the jump from wall to wall until he landed safely on the ground was impressive, at that moment he was too busy losing his mind.

Obi-Wan stood before him, with a small knowing smirk. He had come to know it well, over the past few years.

“I’m a Jedi Master, your smirk will not work on me.”

It only made his Padawan laugh more.

“I’m sorry Master, I didn’t mean to startle you. I was working on my distance. Thank you for the save, it was enough for me to find a perch.”

Master Jinn bit back a snarky comment, knowing full well it wouldn’t work. Instead he resigned himself to the fact he would be climbing up the ten story building, and help his Padawan work through the task he had given himself. It was one thing he had learned early in their Master Padawan relationship. Yelling never worked, it was always best just to explain what had scared him, talk it out, then inevitably give up and help Obi-Wan learn some crazy stunt, that was likely going to give him a heart attack in the future.

Seriously, he was going to smack ‘Master Nico’ when he finally met the bastard.

“Would you like help?”

“Yes please.”

Despite the cringes and flinches with each jump, Qui-Gon couldn’t help the swell of pride, as he watched Obi-Wan. The jump was perfect, landing needed some work, but they would get there.


Obi-Wan pulled his lightsaber, sending the blaster bolts back at the revolutionaries. His intent was to scare them off, since he didn’t want to hurt them. As far as he was concerned they were kids, barely out of their teens, fighting for a better future. He had been there, and understood their frustration.

“I’m beginning to think the Council hates us.” He blocked a few more bolts, giving Qui-Gon enough time to break through the lock, and get them back into the Palace, away from the uprising.

“Why would you say that?” He was seconds from melting the damn lock, when it finally gave. The two slid through the now open gate, got it closed and locked before the rebels could follow.

“We always get these types of missions.” He pointed out as he put his lightsaber away. “There’s always a slaver’s operation, a revolution, an assassin, or some Princess that wants to marry you.”

“Or Prince, you forgot about Tallihen, who was ready to have me killed just to get you into bed.” Qui-Gon smirked at the eyeroll.

“Well he needed to learn a few things about wooing, killing a person’s lover isn’t usually a good way to get into their good graces.” He reached out and squeezed Qui-Gon’s hand, a rare show of their deeper bond, when they were out in the field. “Let’s get inside, and contact the Council. There’s nothing here we can do, despite the fact I agree completely with their fight.”

“It’s time like this I truly hate being the neutral party.” He tried to release his frustration into the Force, but it was difficult.

The only thing they wanted was equal rights. A chance to be someone outside the roles they were born to. It wasn’t the first time he had seen uprisings for the same reasons, and likely wouldn’t be the last. It didn’t matter the culture or species, he had always found that the haves did not like it when the have nots wanted basic rights. And it inevitably led to war.

He was so lost in his thoughts, that he missed the signs of danger. It was Obi-Wan who yanked him out of the way of the blaster bolt, tossing him back as he ignited his lightsaber. It took a moment to orientate himself to the situation. By that time all he could do was watch, as Obi-Wan went into full battle mode. He moved with a grace that was developed from years of fighting, enhanced by a skill set that went beyond his training, and at times was unorthodox to Jedi teachings

He was beautiful.

It wasn’t the first time he had thought that, but it was only in the past few years he allowed himself to actually admit it.

He focused back on the fight, pulling out his own lightsaber, jumping into the fray when more guards arrived. The two moved as one, fighting their way through the front gardens into the palace. They needed to get into a secured area to call for backup, quickly, as it was likely they were going to be blamed for the uprising and find themselves locked in a dungeon.


Maybe Obi-Wan had a point about the Council hating them.

In a split second he reached out and grabbed the back of Obi-Wan’s tunic, to stop him from going over the edge as the bridge shifted from under their feet.


Qui-Gon raised an eyebrow at his language. This is the one thing he didn’t blame Nico for, he totally blamed Kenway and also, Warrick.

“I shouldn’t have hesitated.”

“It’s all a lesson.” He gave him a smile. “Isn’t that what those who’ve taught you those unorthodox skills state.”

The side eye he got in return was pretty epic, he could only laugh and lean over and kiss him quickly. “I’ve spent over two decades watching you push through your fears, hesitations, and mistakes. There’s nothing you haven’t tried to do, that even when you failed, you tried again until it’s done.”

“Do or do not there is no try?” Obi-Wan’s eyes flashed a stormy gray, showing how pissed he really was, even though his voice was light.

The blaster bolts finished their conversation, sending them into a fight for their lives as they made their way through the palace. Despite their best efforts they found themselves backed onto a balcony, the only way out was down. Below them they could see the throne room, in it was the Prince, surrounded by his royal guards.

Qui-Gon wasn’t the only one who was startled when Obi-Wan jumped. The guards stood next to him as they stared over the edge, watching as he made the perfect landing and stood.

“I’m the Prince, your tactics won’t work on me.”

He pulled his Cris knife, sliced the first guard’s throat, ran it across the leg of another, sending him to the ground, and then threw the knife from up his sleeve into the chest of the guard in front of the Prince.

As the body dropped he sheathed the Cris knife, then ran a hand through his red hair pushing it out of his face, staring down the wide-eyed royal. “I suggest you call off your guards, and while you’re at it the army. I think it’s time we negotiate a peace treaty, don’t you think, your Highness.”

“He’s insane.” The guard stared at Qui-Gon who now had no interest in trying to kill him.

“I know.”


He was pretty sure that his Mate was going to lose his mind. At least he wouldn’t actually kill him, as technically it would be suicide, but then in all the years they’ve been together he had never seen Qui quite so pissed.

In all honestly he had the right to be.

It wasn’t really one of his brightest decisions.

Or the safest.

It was the only option, and he took it.

It wasn’t his fault that it actually worked.

And he really couldn’t be too upset over the situation, considering they stopped a major Spice ring, plus freed the slaves.


Qui just held up his hand.

Yeah he was pissed, it was leaking through their shields. Obi-Wan had slammed the wall down, when Qui-Gon had reverted to yelling at him via their Bond after he turned off the communicator.

“Love of my life.”

Those lovely green eyes narrowed.

Overall Obi-Wan was fine. He barely sustained any injuries – when he crashed the ship into the port, stopping the smuggler’s from escaping – it was just a broken leg, which he healed using the Force before he engaged the crew.

“Master Jinn.”

Victory he got a tiny smile and a snort. “You are a menace.”

“You love me.” He gave him a sassy smile and wink.

“I do, which is the only reason I put up with this insanity.” Qui sat down on the edge of the bed making sure not to joust the healing leg. “You scared the shit out of me.”

“It was the only choice I had.” He laid his head down, as the room began to move. “And it worked.”

“I knew exactly what you were going to do, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I sat there in the control tower, yelling knowing full well you were ignoring me.”

Obi-Wan had tracked the smugglers to the port, and had snuck aboard their ship. His goal had been to disable the ship, but they had caught up with him faster than he anticipated. He knew that if they left the port, he was going to be in a very dangerous situation without backup. As a Jedi, he was skilled, which was enhanced by the years he spent at Masyaf, but even with the added benefit of being a Vampire, taking on a crew of fifty would’ve been difficult.

He had made his way onto the bridge, took a deep breath, told his Mate he loved him, then shut down the Bond. “Hello there.”

Ten smugglers turned and looked at him in shock.

“There’s ten of us and only one of you! You’re Jedi tricks won’t work against us.”

He gave them a smile, then politely asked if they would be so kind to land the ship back at the port, they decided to attack instead. Five went down instantly, three more soon followed, and the last two blocked the exit. He put his hand on the controller, and gave them a small shrug. “I asked politely, guess we’ll have to do this the hard way.”

One was smart enough to get into a chair and buckle himself in. The last one made a dash towards Obi-Wan only to slide past him, when the ship tilted as it made the descent back to the ground.

“It was dangerous for you and others,” he admonished him.

“Slavers Qui.”

“I know.” He took his Mate’s hand, holding it tight. And he did know. If there was one thing that would make the two of them lose their collective Jedi calm, it was slavers, add in the Spice smuggling it was inevitable. “Get some rest, you’re still coming off the high.”

“I hate Spice.”

Qui leaned down, unbuckled his boots, kicked them off then curled around his Mate holding him close, as he went through the last stages of Spice withdrawal. He also made a mental note not to tell him that the first part of their conversation, which Obi-Wan had likely thought was in his head, was actually outloud.

He would wait for the right moment to seek his revenge.


Qui-Gon wasn’t surprised that Obi-Wan made an excellent General. He was a Kenobi after all, and had learned from General Meridius.

Then there was Melida/Daan, when thirteen year old Obi-Wan had organized the Young, and brought peace to the planet after decades of Civil War.

Qui had been horrified at the very idea of a Clone Army. Men created just to die, for politics … he was disgusted with the Senate, the Council for agreeing to let Jedi be General’s in the new Grand Army of the Republic, and for the Kaminoans for making them.

Obi-Wan had adopted them. He took one look at CC-2224, asked him for his chosen name, then requested if he could use it. After that he was Commander Cody, and was damn loyal to Obi-Wan, to the point of yelling at him when he did something stupid.

At that very moment Qui-Gon had decided Cody was his new best friend.

Obi-Wan had glared at the two of them.

“You’re my Mate, your glares don’t work on me.” Qui-Gon gave him a cheeky smile, he got an eyeroll in return.

It wasn’t long before Captain Rex, who was assigned to the 501st, under Anakin’s command, ended up in the small collective group, who worked to keep General Kenobi from being an di’kut.

Though at times it didn’t work, especially when Obi-Wan decided to be his normal insane self and pull a stunt that would usually send Qui-Gon into a frenzy. He stopped sending his fear and frustration into the Force ages ago, it usually just tossed it back at him.

It was another battle.

More Clankers.

More death.

And Obi-Wan was done.

He jumped down from the LAAT Gunship, landing in a crouched position, lightsaber a blaze as he stood, and stalked into the battle.

Cody cursed in Mandalorian, as he yelled at Gunny, the pilot, to get them into position.

Qui-Gon, along with the Clone Commanders were the first to exit, the rest of the 212th following behind them. Orders were yelled, guns raised, the sound of a lightsaber being ignited … but there were no Clankers to fire at.

Obi-Wan had taken out the full battalion.

Clankers scattered around the battlefield, as if hit with a powerful explosion.

They watched, in barely contained horror, as Obi-Wan marched through the field straight for the Armoured Assault Tanks. When the first set of three fired, he reached out with the Force, yanked them forward then hurled them into the squad behind them. Then continued moving forward, until he stood in front of the Separatist General.

The guy was smart enough to drop his weapon and hold his hands up. His men followed suit, and the few Clankers left did the same.

Cody signaled some of his men, to take control of the prisoners. He glanced at Rex, and then the two of them stared at Qui-Gon, who stood with a sense of serene calm that he really didn’t feel.

“I’ve been married to him for more than fifty years, your glares won’t work on me.” He glanced over at the two clones. Though he couldn’t see their faces behind their buckets, he knew the look they were giving him … he had worn it many times over the past decades. Qui-Gon went to calm his Mate down, he could feel the righteous anger pulsating through their Bond.

“I’m not sure I want to yell at him, let him loose on the next set of Clankers, or lock him in his room.” Cody was tempted to facepalm, but he was a Commander of the 212th and had to show some dignity.

“All of the above.” Rex chuckled, not envying his brother the trouble that was General Kenobi.

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