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Sylum Snippet: “I will always come for you.”

As stated in the State of the Clan Speech there maybe moments I post snippets from stories or ideas that popped into my head, that either aren’t part of a larger storyline or a one off scene.  These may never go anywhere or become longer stories.

This particular snippet sets in the Yet to Come category.

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Qui-Gon stepped into the sunlight, blinking at the harshness. He was a man of nature, though he had been surrounded by the earth and he could feel the living force around him, he had missed the energy of the sun.

His fellow prisoners all looked around in shock and awe. Some of them hadn’t seen the light of day in years, even a few had been imprisoned for over a decade.

The mission had been simple, visit the small colony planet to check on rumors of rumors. There had been a few influential families who stated their loved ones disappeared on the small outpost.

When he got there, he knew instantly why.

The small outpost was a front for slavers.

They would give small infractions to travelers who couldn’t pay and had to work off their debts, and for those with money take what they could then convict them of a crime … leading to a prison sentence to work in their slave camps.

When they realized Qui-Gon was going to report his findings, he was convicted of immoral conduct, the third daughter of the governor accused him of seducing her.

He pointed out he had a husband.

If it wasn’t the fact he knew he was going to get dragged off to a prison labor camp, he would’ve laughed at the shocked blinking expression the ‘Court’ had at the very idea a Jedi was married.

Well they would be meeting his husband soon enough.

They had collared him with a Force suppressant, which had muted his Bond to his Mate. But their Bond was forged deeper than most Jedi Partners, so he could still feel the flair of emotions coming from his beloved.

In the still of night … he could reach out and sooth his pissed off husband.

He was looking forward to seeing what Obi-Wan Kenobi would do, not to just the outpost, the slavers, or any council (Jedi or Senate) that tried to stop him.

His Mate was beautiful when righteously pissed.

And to think he almost walked away, from some absurd moment of self sacrifice that Obi-Wan was better off without him.

It had never been his place to remove himself from him.

The Force had a funny way of making sure things happened the way they were meant to, no matter what anyone else thought.

The Balance in the Force needed a companion.

One that could challenge and protect.

One that could bring down righteous fury, yet be the calm in the storm.

He was destined for Obi-Wan.

The years together first as Jedi Partners, and then Vampire Mates had taught him many things. He was blessed with a longer life to learn from his mistakes, to grow in the Force, and strength his relationships with all of those around him.

He’s mourned those he lost, but was secure in knowing he would see them again.

But most of all he is content being by Obi-Wan’s side.

So when he blinked at the blinding sun, wiping away the tears as they streaked down his cheeks, he wasn’t surprised to discover that they were the 11th camp to be liberated, there were two more, but this one was the hardest as it was located deep within the mountains.

“How did this happen?” Rayna, one of the young woman who had been sentenced for fighting back, asked filled with elation at finally being free. “And what of our families?”

“The Jedi.” The soldier smiled brightly. “Rumor had it he landed on the spaceport, walked straight into the governor’s mansion, sat down with the Governor having tea while explaining that his slave operation was over, and he was being arrested by the Republic for crimes against humanity.”

A few looked over at Qui-Gon, who only laughed. “Where is he?”

“The Jedi?” The soldier asked slightly startled at the laughter. “He’s down in the village. They are setting up small provincial governments in each area, to stimulate economy not based on slave labor.”

Without a glance backwards, Qui-Gon ran down the path leading to the town, he knew it wasn’t far, there had been a few times he had been dragged down to entertain guests. They stopped when he refused to do any ‘tricks’ or upset visitors by talking about slavery.

As he entered the town, he was surprised at the amount of activity. Doctors and Social Workers, he recognized their symbols, were working through dozens of slaves assessing their health and finding out if any had homes to go back to.

One of them stopped him, asking if he needed help.

“I need my husband.”

“Give me his name and we’ll see if he’s been liberated.” The worker pulled up a pad, opening the database with all the names they had recorded already.

Qui-Gon Jinn, realized he must look like something a gundark drug in and not the Jedi Master he normally was. “I’m Master Jinn, I’m looking for Obi-Wan.”

She blinked a few times, then turned and called out. “We found him!”

“Just tell me where he is.” By the tone of his voice he knew he must of sounded desperate. He probably should’ve waited until they could get the damn suppressant collar off, but he was too desperate to see his Mate.

“In the Mayor’s office at the end of town.” She pointed towards the taller structure along the main road.

He took off, not caring about protocol or if he looked like a madman, calling out Obi-Wan’s name…


He had been on this hell hole for six weeks. Which had made it a total of twelve weeks since Qui-Gon had gone missing.

It was supposed to be a simple mission…

…they always were.

The last note he had got from his Mate, was that he needed to speak to Hondo, which meant slavers were somehow involved. Ever since his own kidnapping at 14, Qui-Gon had made sure to always have the latest information where slavers were located, and mostly it came from the Weequay Hondo who despite his own people being pirates, slavers and other law abiding citizens, he had no taste for slavers. He was the one who helped Qui-Gon find Obi-Wan, when his own people had taken the young teenager. Even though Nicolaus had got to him first, he always took it to heart that Hondo had helped Qui-Gon.

Over the years, growing up from teenager to young man to an adult and then to Vampire – Hondo had stayed in his life. The two weren’t friends, but he could count on him for having a heart when it was at the Weequay’s worst convenience.

So when Qui and gone missing and the small outpost had lied through their teeth stating he had already left, he contacted Hondo to find out why Qui-Gon would need his services. It was through his contacts that they located the slave trade on the planet. Hondo discovered some of his own people had been ‘dropping’ off cargo in the area.

Obi-Wan later admired Hondo’s new ship, he only smirked saying he recently acquired it from someone who wasn’t going to use it anymore. It would make a good ship for smuggling perishables, not living beings.

Despite the evidence it took Obi-Wan informing not just the Jedi Council bult also the Republic Senate that if they didn’t do anything he would just take the planet for himself, give it to Hondo and be done with their political bullshit.

It says alot about him, that they believed him.

Hondo had been so disappointed he wasn’t going to get his own planet.

When Obi-Wan arrived on the planet he took a seat across from the governor and informed him that he would be stripping him of his power, taking his money and lands, distributing the wealth among those he enslaved. He would then hand him over the Republic for trial.

The Governor had stared at him in shock, stammering out demands to know why he would do this, they had done nothing wrong …

“You stole my husband.”

Obi-Wan sipped his tea as the words sunk in, watching with delight as they realized the mistake they made when they sold Qui-Gon Jinn into slavery. He set the cup down, stood, and never gave them a second glance.

It took weeks to get everything organized, bringing in the personal to deal with the influx of slaves who needed medical attention, enquiries about family and their ability to go home, and how to handle those who had no place go. Plus deal with the surrounding towns, villages and cities that lived off the slave labor. Changing laws, punishing those who participated, and trying to build a new government and economy all at the same time.

“Why are you still here?” Obi-Wan looked over the map, that marked the last two slave camps. They had liberated eleven, and he still hadn’t found Qui-Gon. He knew the moment the Bond faded, that he had been likely collared with a Force suppressant, so though he knew he was on the planet he wasn’t quite sure where.

“And miss all the fun!” Hondo set some tea on the table for the Jedi, making sure to stay downwind of him. He knew the smell of his people at times physically made him ill, though over the past decades Obi-Wan recognized Hondo’s smell as … well not safe, but not a threat.

“I’m sure you have pirating to do.” He took the tea, and watched the Weequay.

“This is much more fun and profitable. These people will need supplies, and who better than I to supply them.” His hand gestures were wild, a big grin on his face.

“Nothing to do with making sure Qui is okay.”

“He’s a big boy. I would be more worried if you were taken. You have more decurm than the big lug.” Obi-Wan openly laughed, which always made Hondo smile though he would never admit it. “Or that brother of yours.”

“Nico or Kenway?”

“Both. Both is good. Kenway is a good pirate, I like him.”

“In all seriousness, Hondo why do you keep helping?” He always wondered. “And for that matter how long lived are your people?”

“Can’t get rid of me yet!” He chuckled. “We are a very long lived species, it’s our stubbornness.”

“That I believe.”

“Obi-Wan. Ben. I will have a rare moment here, so enjoy it. I stay because you are the only one who can get me to toss my immoral ways to the side and do what is right. You bring out the mushy side of me, that I like to pretend doesn’t exist.”


“Is this when we hug.”

“Fuck no.”

Hondo chuckled, then paused when Obi-Wan’s head snapped towards the door. He strained his own hearing, to hear a familiar voice calling out for his Mate.

“Qui!” Obi-Wan hastily put the cup down and ran for the door, ripping it open to see his Mate making his way through town. “Qui!”

Hondo watched as the Jedi dodge citizens, slid up a wall using it as leverage to get over a turned cart, and then run straight into Qui-Gon Jinn’s arms.

“Why do you stay?”

Hondo looked over to see Jedi Master Mace Windu and Yoda standing close by watching the beautiful reunion, each of them denying the shared tears.

“Because you and I both know that if that flame was to ever be extinguished this Universe would destroy itself.”

“Nexus he is.” Yoda nodded, smiling at the sight before him. “Same as is brother he is.”

Qui-Gon held Obi-Wan close to him, both of them laughing and crying. He kissed him over and over, just wanting to touch and feel his Mate once again. With a flick of Obi-Wan’s wrist the collar unlocked and was tossed into the nearby fountain.

They both sighed when the Bond soared between them.

He kissed Obi-Wan deeply. “So how did you pull this off.”

“I told the Council if they didn’t let me come get you, that I would quit and start a rebellion.” Obi-Wan pulled him closer. “Before they actually voted…no, really, they took a vote. I reminded them I would have no problem calling Nico and Kenway to help.”

Qui-Gon laughed, he would’ve likely done the same thing. “Good thing they listened.”

“I will always come for you.”

“As I will for you.”

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