Sylum Pirate Aesthetics: Captain Jack Sparrow


(Aesthetic created by Captain Jack Sparrow)


Jack stared at the cloth that had the key drawn on it. The lengths he went through to get this small piece of information was enough to make him want to get drunk.


He was already drunk.

He had to be, to be able to lie in a coffin for hours on end.

Talk about life imitating art.

Or was that dead imitating life.

Now that he had the cloth all he had to do was find the actual key, and what it opened.

He tossed the cloth onto his desk, grabbed his compass and opened it once again. He closed his eyes and wished for his deepest desire. A smile appeared on his face when an image of Will asleep on their bed came to mind.

The compass pointed directly at his bed.

He growled and tossed it back onto his desk.


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