Sylum Pirate Aesthetic: Blacksmith William Turner


(Aesthetic Created by Captain Jack Sparrow)


Four guards came into the holding area, one stood in front of Elizabeth’s cell as a warning to Will not to try anything, while another opened his door. The last two dragged him out.

He pulled his arm free, shoving them into each other. “I can walk just fine.”

“No herorics!” One yelled slamming his hand into Will’s shoulder pushing him forward. “We know about your last prison escape.”

“Which one would that be?” Will asked as they escorted him out of the jail and across the square. He frowned at the size of gallows being built. He could understand one hangman’s noose, maybe even two, but seven.

“When you ran off with that pirate.” He answered with the assuredness of knowing the truth of what he had been told.

“Yet, here I am, in Port Royal.” Will stopped and looked at the guard, head tilting slightly, channeling his Mate. “If I had run off with that pirate, wouldn’t I not be here.”

The soldier stared at him, completely confused.

Will smirked. ‘I can see how Sparrow’s ramblings and made up words works.’



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