Sylum Pirate Aesthetic: Captain Edward Kenway



He shouldn’t have been surprised that the merchant ship had been attacked by Pirates. The fact it was attacked by the Jackdaw was either heaven or hell sent. He was the last man standing on the deck, having taken at least three of the Jackdaw’s crew, before coming face to face with Captain Kenway.

‘We meet again Turner.’

He barely could see the man’s face from under his hood, but Will didn’t give ground. ‘I need to find the Black Pearl. You sail these waters, have you seen her?’

‘I was wondering what you were doing so far away from Sparrow.’ Kenway sheathed his sword, then snapped his fingers. ‘Grab the goods and get back on board. Master Axe burn out the hull, sink her to the ocean floor. If any soul is left on board, Davy Jones can have them.’

‘Speaking of…’

Kenway looked over his shoulder. ‘Get on board Mister Turner, unless you want to meet Davy earlier than you expected.’

Will easily made the jump from the doomed ship to the Jackdaw. He stood on the expansive ship, awed at it size.

‘Welcome to the kingdom of Jackdaw.’ Kenway motioned for him to follow.


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