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Sylum Inspiration: Templeton Peck

Sylum: Member


Left on the doorstep of Sacred Heart Orphanage in Los Angeles at the age of three, he didn’t even remember his true name. He took the name Templeton Peck because it sounded important and respectful. He learned from an early age that he had a beautiful smile and used it to get what he needed and wanted. There were very few people in the world he respected; the one man he looked to as a father figure was Father O’Malley at the Orphanage.

Father O’Malley pushed for Templeton to enter collage afraid he would be drafted into the War. Templeton enrolled at USC for the fall. During that summer, he worked his craft to earn enough to buy a ring for his high school sweetheart. When he showed up at her parents’ home to pick her up, he was informed that she had left, leaving him only a letter.

He joined the Army the next day.

His test results had the Army putting him in Officer Candidate School (OCS). The skills he showed during training led to his recruitment into Special Forces. It wasn’t long before he was shipped over to Vietnam holding the rank of Lieutenant, where he was recruited into a SOG Unit. After a failed mission, his unit was dismantled and he was placed under the command of Major Hannibal King. He became fast friends with the small unit, especially their pilot Humphrey Marrion Murdock.

On a routine mission they were ambushed and captured by the Vietcong and sent to a POW Camp. For reasons Templeton couldn’t explain, he was singled out of the unit to be interrogated. Each day it got worse and harder for him to hold on. After another grueling session he was thrown back into the cell. He knew he wasn’t going to live to see the morning. All he wanted was to say goodbye to Murdock and tell him he was sorry for leaving him again.

When Hannibal gave him another option, Templeton Peck took it and never looked back.

Sylum Inspiration: Paul Mallory


Camelot: Member


Paul’s family was originally from Poland.  His grandmother, fled with her husband and children, to England in 1936.  She talks about the regret she felt leaving behind her sister, her husband, and son, all who had perished at Auschwitz.

He was in college when he was recruited by James Bond into MI:6.  His gifts in languages, and the ability to crack any safe gave him a skill set they could use.  He rose up the ranks in MI:6 and is now a Double O Agent.

(Dilios Note: Not that I’m supposed to know that)

He became friends with Charles Evan, who at the time was a Veterinarian student, needing a place to stay.  Paul always gone, offered his back bedroom, to the student and over time the two became friends, despite the arguments over the menagerie of animals in the house.

He ended up making friends with Hannibal King, the two building an unusual friendship.

While on a Mission he was severely wounded and he still wasn’t sure if he gave consent to be Turned, but in the end he accepted his fate as one of M’s boys.

Sylum Inspiration: Michael Westen

Sylum: Member


Michael Westen’s file is labeled RED, therefore most of it is classified.

What is known about Michael is that he’s the oldest son of Frank and Madeline Westen. He has a younger brother, Nate Westen. Michael and his father did not get alone, and many times Michael took a beating or two to protect his mother and brother.

At age seventeen he left home and joined the Army. He worked his way up the ranks, and became a Ranger. It has come to light recently that he was in Somalia, and his actions during that campaign had him recruited into Delta Force.

It was while he was in training he was recruited out of Delta into the CIA.

His career has been labeled classified. But it is known that he’s worked with Army Intelligence Officer Thomas Devoe and for a while was partnered with Larry Sizemore. It had taken Michael some time, but he was able to prove that he worked better on his own.

It was a mission in Ireland that he had met Fionna Glennanne. The two had fallen for each other, but Michael’s cover had been blown and he fled Ireland. He would not see her again until he was Burned and dumped in Miami.

In Miami he was reunited with Samuel Axe someone he’s worked with for over a decade. He’s also confronted with his mother, Maddie.

Between finding those who Burned him, helping others in need, and dealing with family. Michael was ready to go back to being a spy.

‘Management’ tries to control Michael’s life by making him do jobs for them. The few times he tries to get away from them, with help from others he pulled in deeper at some points skirting that line that he’s worked so hard never to cross.

It was on one of these jobs, that he got Jesse Porter Burned.  Desperate to get Jesse re-instated, find those who Burned him, and end this game – Michael went after John Barrett.

But before that meeting was to take place Michael was taken from an arranged meeting. He was confronted by Don Jon and Larry. Tired of his life being manipulated by everyone, Michael refused their offer.

Don Turned him anyways.

Sylum Inspiration: Ethan Hunt

Sanctuary: Lead Hunter

Since it’s my birthday month!  I’m choosing some of the character I enjoy writing about!


Ethan grew up during the American Civil War, and had heard the stories of his Uncle who fought gallantly during the war, and then disappeared into the Far East.  Never to be seen again.

He followed in his Uncle’s footsteps and joined the Army. He was recruited by James Phelps out of the Army and into the Military Intelligence Division.

Ethan was good at espionage. He was fast on his feet and thought three steps ahead of everyone else. James used him for many operations through Europe, including to help steal top secrets from Intelligence sources in Britain.

It was at during one of these missions, that Ethan began to realize Phelps was playing a double sided game. When he confronted the man, he found himself in a far worse situation.

Sylum Inspiration: Allan Quartermain

Ghost/Darkness: Second-in-Command


Allan Quatermain doesn’t talk much about his life before he set foot in Africa.  He won’t even mention his real name.

What he will tell you, is this: Some strange little Shaman looked at him, yelled out some weird words, wiped paint across his cheeks and forehead and told him, ‘You have the Spirit of Africa in you.  As long as you stay on her soil you will be immortal.’

Two days later the tribe he was with were attacked, and he was Turned by Anok Sabe.

Sylum Inspiration: Will Turner

Sanctuary: Second-in-Command


Will was raised by his mother in England and believed his father was a respectable navy man in the Royal Navy. When his mother died, Will began searching for his father, the only clue he had of him, was a gold medallion he had sent his mother.

The ship he was on, had been raided by Pirates, he was the only survivor.  It was being rescued by the HMS Dauntless from the burning shipwreck, that Will first met Elizabeth Swann.  Upon arrival in Port Royal, Will Turner became a blacksmith apprentice under John Brown.  As a simple craftsman, his life revolved around his work, and his distant longing for a woman he knew could never have.

When Pirates raid Port Royal, Will set out to defend the town and try to get to Elizabeth.  He was attacked by members of the raiding party and is run through.

As he lay dying in the street, he was approached by Hector, who offered him a new life.

Sylum Inspiration: Jim Ellison

Tallikut: Second-in-Command

Jim’s family were devout Protestants from the Swiss/German border and he was the eldest of six surviving children. His parents were Wilhelm and Mary Grace Bachmann and the family was well enough off that it was expected that young James would follow in his father’s footsteps to become a gentlemen farmer.

The family settled in the Carolinas in the early 1700s and while the town was small, he was mostly okay. But as he grew, so did New Bern and when James was in his mid to late twenties he could no longer stand the assault on his senses and escaped into the wilderness. Jim became a fur trapper hiding out in the wilderness, because it was too painful for him to live around what passed for civilization. He met Benton while trapping. When they were caught in a horrible snowstorm, trapped far from aid, Fraser offered him a way to live.

Sylum Inspiration: GIl Grissom

Sylum: Member


Gil was raised by his mother, who was deaf, after his father died when he was nine. Never good at making friends, he was a social recluse while growing up. He graduated early and became the youngest Los Angeles Medical Examiner at 19. Decades later he moved to Las Vegas, taking the Las Vegas Crime Lab from near the bottom of crime lab rankings to the #2 Lab in the country, second only to the FBI lab at Quantico.

Grissom is a renowned forensic entomologist and for fun likes to race Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

He took over the Night Shift as Supervisor after Brass was demoted to Detective after the death of Holly Gribbs. He has tried to instill in his CSIs the ability to find a balance between science and emotion, at times losing that balance himself.

Gil doesn’t talk about his obsession with Nico during the years in Vegas. It was this obsession that had him researching things into Nico’s past, discovering the world of Vampires. He was pulled into the world when his team was attacked by Rogues who were looking to harm Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown, the leaders of Sylum Clan. After discovering about Vampires he was pulled into a Clan War. He soon saw the men he trained in a different light.

His life once again changed when he had a confrontation with Harvey Spector.

Sylum Inspiration: Isaac Evans

Sylum: Member

Isaac Evans was the youngest son of Arthur and Ruby Evans. He grew up in Miami, always dreaming to own and operate a hotel. Arthur worried about his youngest, as he seemed to fancy. After his mother died, Isaac’s older brother, Edward, left and joined the Army, much to their dad’s relief. Isaac stayed by his father side, while he fought and worked for his dream.

Ike worked his way up from hotel cabana boy to building and owning the Miramar Playa Hotel, the most glamorous spot in America’s favorite playground in the 1950’s. He was twice-married. His second wife was Vera Evans. He had two grown sons, Stevie Evans and Danny Evans, and a daughter, Lauren Evans, from his first marriage. His first wife Molly, died of cancer. It was her family land that he was able to build the Miramar Playa Hotel on, after signing away the any claim to inheritances for himself or his kids from Molly’s family.

Though he had the land to build the hotel, he had a lack of cash. Going against his own rules he made a deal with organized crime figure Ben Diamond, who demanded a massive monthly payment of $65,000 from the hotel. When the law began to breath down Ike’s neck about Ben Diamond, and bodies that were starting to pop up, Ike kept his cool and handle each problem with ease.

Even when he was arrested for murder, he refused to let everything get to him and worked his way out of the situation.

He kept the Hotel alive, his family safe despite the stupidity of both his sons, the youngest Danny turning against the family and working for the District Attorney. While his oldest lived life on the edge by having a fling with Diamond’s wife.

As the 1960’s closed he felt every inch of his age. Sending his wife to bed, and his daughter up to her room despite her being in her early twenties and attending University, he settled into his office chair. He grabbed a bottle of Scotch out of the drawer and two glasses, not surprised to see his brother. Edward Morgan Blake concerned for his brother’s health, told him a tale about Vampires. Isaac had chuckled then slowly frowned as he realized it wasn’t one of Blake’s jokes.

Sylum Inspiration: Daryl Dixon

Sylum: Hunter

Daryl was raised by his father and brother in the back hills of Georgia.  His mother died when he was five, and all he remembers was that her name was Lily.

He doesn’t talk much about his childhood, when asked he will tell you the day he met Rick Grimes on the first day of high school, was the best day of his life.

Being with Rick gave him a purpose, he had finished high school despite the beatings and looked to find work that he could rely on that wasn’t breaking the law.

The two had planned on leaving once Rick received his degree in Forensic Science, but when he returned to Woodbury because of his father’s death, they had decided to stay to take care of Emily Grimes.

Rick ended up helping Daryl set up his business Dixon Honey, despite his own fear of bees.  The two kept their relationship a secret knowing full well the town and Merle would kill them both.

The only time they were apart was when Rick married Lori due to pressure from their parents and the town.  A year later, they came back together, needing each other too much to be apart.

As years went by they kept hidden in the shadows waiting, and when Emily Grimes died, they set their plans to motion.  Then Merle returned home and brought a gang of thugs.  At first Daryl thought they were fighting zombies, only to learn it was Vampires.

It hadn’t mattered to him, as they fought for their lives.

Making their last stand, Rick and Daryl were saved by Sylum Hunters.  But before they could overtake Joshua Hickok, Rick was shot.  Daryl watched in horror as the only thing in his life worth saving was dying.  He pulled his own weapon only to fall next to his lover.

Sylum Inspiration: Queen Mousette


Sylum: Member

Queen was born a slave but grew up free in the city of New Orleans.

When she was twelve, she wanted to make her own money, so went door to door until she found a job working at Heather’s Pleasure Boutique in the French Quarter fetching food, drink and cigars for the clients until Heather’s Mate, Evy heard her sing. That began her new career entertaining the guests as they waited for the girls.

Heather gave her an education and opportunities. She attended the first co-ed college for black people in New Orleans where she obtained degrees in Business and Music. Though she wanted more than to ‘work’ for Heather, she found a niche at the Boutique. After college, she began working in some of the other ‘coffee houses’ in New Orleans, becoming one of the wealthiest black women in the city. She owned a house in New Orleans, a plantation in Larose, was a Chosen One for Sylum Clan, and often gathered information for Nico and Warrick to help them keep ahead of the happenings in New Orleans. She provided safe houses for those not wanting to be seen, entertained Assassins, provided a home for Riddick’s Twins, and was exhausted.

When she started coughing, Heather quickly became concerned. She contacted Claire Barton, who took care of most of the girls, when she lived in the area. She informed Queen she had what looked to be the beginning stages of Tuberculosis.

Heather Turned her under watchful eye of Claire Barton, and when she woke after her Transformation, she discovered a talent for communing with the dead.

Sylum Inspiration: Harold Finch

Camelot/Sylum: Member

Harold is a very private person, so little is known about his life before he became a Vampire.

He was born in Ireland, had a wife and children.  All of it was lost, when he was taken from his home and sold into slavery.

(Dilios Note: He doesn’t talk about it, and the only person who knows everything that happened in those years is his Mate, John.  His Sires are close seconds.)

Harold realized he had an opportunity to escape when Nico and Arthur showed up as slaves.

It was during the raid and escape that he was injured, leading to the two Vampires Turning him. (Dilios Note: It is the rarity, actually this is the only case I know of, where two Vampires were involved in Turning someone).

Sylum Inspiration: John Rhys

Sylum/Camelot: Member


John Rhys was born in Abereiddy, Wales, to a fisherman family.  He was always on the edge of the society, not fitting in very well.  He fell in love with the landowners daughter, Mari.  She was forbidden to be with him, but it didn’t stop them from seeing each other.  When she discovered she was pregnant she ran away, finding herself in a Monastery seeking sanctuary, not soon after John found her.  He married her instantly, and the two stayed with the Monks, Mari cooking, while John helped with Hunting for food and taking care of the grounds.  Tragedy struck the small family, when Mari died in childbirth, leaving John with a son.  He knew he wasn’t in a position to take care of the young child, so left him with the Fr. Dewey and set out to find work.

As he made his way towards a larger city, he came across a young woman being chased by a group of men.  Without thinking he pulled his sword and confronted the attackers, defeating all of them.  He discovered the young girl was Gwenhwyfar, the daughter to King Leodegrance. He escorted her back to her castle, and her father promptly awarded (though John wondered if it was punishment) the position of Head Guard.

Over the years, John became the big brother to Gwen, and was one of the few people she trusted.   She was also one of the few that new of his son, and made sure money was sent to the Monastery for his education.

When she was set to marry King Arthur of Britain, John organized and guarded her wedding train, only to be betrayed from someone on the inside, leading to the train being attacked and Gwen being kidnapped.

John took down over half the raiders, and even with an arrow in his side traveled and fought with Arthur, Lancelot, and Galahad to get the future Queen back.  It was on the journey back, he finally fell to his wounds, and Nico refused to loose his first born child, Meridia.

Sylum Inspiration: Carlos Alvarez

Vampire Council: Spy Network


Carlos (Cougar as he prefers) doesn’t talk much about his past. He was one of the youngest in his family, and though very deeply religious didn’t have the personality for priesthood. As he was good with a bow and arrow, he set out for a life as a mercenary.

He traveled through small towns and villages, entering into a variety of tournaments, living on prize money and a few jobs he acquired.

It was at one of the Tournaments that he met Robin for the first time. The archer had bested him, taking away the prize money he desperately needed. He bowed graciously then moved on, only to go up against the same man in the next competition.

He finally confronted him, no one was that good!  Robin told him he was a Vampire, Cougar felt vindicated that Robin wouldn’t have beat him if it was fair.

Robin Turned him two days later to prove Carlos’ theory wrong.

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