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Sylum Inspiration: Louise Massart

Sylum Inspiration: Louise Massart

Passion: Member

Louise Massart was born into privilege, but she wasn’t happy in her life.  She married the man her father picked for her, but then promptly divorced him.  She ended up back home with her father, and while he worked on building the Eiffel Tower, she figured out what to do with her life.

She had no idea her life would drastically change.

While on a date her father set up, she met Henriette an assistant at the Magic Show.  The two instantly connected, and Louise knew who she belonged with.

Unfortunately it wasn’t easy.

Louise was accused of murder, and the two of them had to work to figure out who actually was the murderer, and keep Louise safe.

Through their ordeal they ended up meeting Snow White and Briar Rose.  Who had no problem helping the girls.

Once Louise was found not guilty, they girls were ready to spend their life together, despite the obstacles.  Snow White and Briar Rose gave them another option.

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