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Sylum Inspiration: Charles Evan

Sylum Inspiration: Charles Evan

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Charles Evan grew up in Scotland and since he was a child had every intention of being a Veterinarian.  He loved animals, and was known around his village to pick up strays and nurse them back to heath.  It didn’t matter if it was a cat, dog, snake, or cow.

He lucked out when he found a room to rent from a business man, Paul Mallory, who was gone most of the time, letting him have run of the house for a fraction of the cost.  Over the years of his education, he became friends with Paul.  He always made sure the place was warm and welcome when Paul came home, as he ignored the menagerie of animals that was always around.

His life changed when he came home early to find that Reginald had escaped and was in Paul’s room, he quickly broke into the room, to get the snake out, when Paul and another man returned unexpectedly.  Charles looked up to see a flash of gold in Paul’s eyes and before he could blink the man was on him.

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