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Sylum Inspiration Maria Carmichael

Sylum Inspiration Maria Carmichael

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Maria’s family has been Chosen Ones for as long as they can remember.  Her parents, grandparents, and great grandparents took care of the Count of Monte Cristo’s home.  They made sure it was always ready for John and Harold, and killed any rumors that may surface over the decades.

When Austin arrived at the home, she fell in love instantly with the goofy English Butler.  She wooed him, and claimed him as hers.  Her parents weren’t thrilled, but Austin grew on them, and all of them were upset when his parents rejected him.

Austin took to the news about the Count and Vampires easily, and when he proposed Maria didn’t hesitate.  A few years after they were married,  she went to Lucretia to request to be Turned.

Then Turned her husband … Mate.

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