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Sylum Inspiration: Houston Brooks

Sylum Inspiration: Houston Brooks

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Houston grew up in Texas, much to his dismay, was named after the city he was born in.  He stayed mostly to himself as a kid, always more interested in books and school, then sports.  His studies paid off, when he got a full scholarship to Yale University.

He settled into school quickly, studying Geology specializing in seismology.  While taking courses in Biology he met San Lin, the two ended up being lab partners.

After class he asked her out for coffee.

Six weeks after they graduated they got married.  They found a small apartment off campus, and both dived into getting their Masters.

The next summer, Houston was offered to do a geology study for six weeks in Australia.   Houston liked the guide, James Conrad, instantly.  Asked him tons of questions of the area, the history, the geology …

When the camp was hit with a sudden rainstorm, causing flash flooding – Houston ended up severely injured Conrad gave him a new opportunity.

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