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Sylum Inspiration: Westley

Sylum Inspiration: Westley

Passion Kin Clan: Lead Hunter


Wait – why are we getting 2 Inspirations?  Well because the 1st of the month fell on an awkward Tuesday 🙂

Westley started off as a simple farm hand, who fell in love with a girl. When she finally realized he was in love with her, and fell for him, he set out to make a fortune so they could be together.

Only to be caught by Pirates, then trained to be a Pirate Captain.

When he returned for her, he discovered she married another, and died while having his kid. Not sure what to do, he ended up wandering the countryside robbing people. He ended up trying to rob Marek, who had him begging for mercy in seconds.

(Dilios Note: Not that Westley wanted to admit that)

He gave the Pirate Captain a new chance at life.

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