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Sylum Inspiration: Henriette

Sylum Inspiration: Henriette

Passin Kin Clan: Member


Henriette doesn’t talk about her childhood.  She grew up in Paris, and was blessed to have a benefactor in society.  She ended up working as a Magician Assistant, living a good life.  Then she met Louise Massart, and everything change.

She fell in love with her instantly.

When Louise was accused of murder, she refused to lose her and they set out to find the real murderer.  They ended up meeting Briar Rose and Snow White, who helped them prove Louise was innocent.

Afterwards the two woman knew they were meant for each other, despite what obstacles society would bring them, not only as two woman, but as a interracial couple.

Briar Rose and Snow White told them about Vampires and gave them a new option.

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