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Oh Yeah. Evolution…

Whew! Glad I got that done. It was long. It took a while. Not that it wasn’t a fun read. It was. Totally.

The creative twists. The mind-bending turns. The awesome ass-kicking…

It was a blast to read.

Oh. I forgot. Y’all haven’t read it yet. Um. Yeah. Sorry. Didn’t mean to rub it in.

Look on the bright side. It’ll be posted in only two more days. Right? 


You are all planning to read Evolution, right? And you’ve done your Sylum Homework and read ‘Demons and Angels’ and ‘Roads Untraveled’? If you haven’t you’ve got two days, ’cause without those two you might be a little lost. Seriously.

Clear some time in your schedule. You’re gonna want to savor this one. Trust me. Would one of the Bobs steer you wrong?


Busy Busy Busy

::dashes in while cleaning glasses::

Hi. Sorry it’s been a while people. But I’ve been a BIT busy.

There was that ‘Demons and Angels’ story. Then a little (!) thing called ‘Roads Untraveled’.

Woohoo those were fun. Really. They were. Then Bob tossed me ‘Family’.

I was confused. Hadn’t I done one that already? But Bob was like “Yeah, you did. But I made some changes…”

So I started reading/editing…and whoa! Yeah, CHANGES people. New folks. New perspectives on old folks. New situations. New twists on old situations.

I had a blast re-reading it. It’s a like a new story. Wait. It IS a new story.

Since I handed it back to Bob, I’ve been counting the days until it’s reposted. I’m wondering what ya’ll think. Who’ll be the first to notice what changed.

And what didn’t.

::eyes list of upcoming works::

Um. Ya’ll might want to make sure and read ‘Family’ again once it’s up. ‘Cause what’s coming won’t make much sense otherwise.

Besides. It’ll be fun!

Oops. Gotta run. I think I heard my inbox ping…

Oy Vey!!

I saw what Bob and Alien had to say about pushing The Boss and Gil about the writing – on the one hand, yay! new stuff to do – I’m actually a little bored to tell the truth. On the other hand, oy vey! the work I’ll have to do! If I’m lucky, it’ll take some time for everything to cross my desk and it’ll only come a bit at a time. If not…well, I’ve always worked well under pressure.  ::checks list again:: *headdesk*


I forgot to say – love that inspiration pic. ::stares:: Really. I like it a lot. 😀

I got lost. I think.

Hi All.

Beta Bob (?) Checking in. I’m going to assume [do NOT start] that someone will point out where to go and what to do around here. ‘Cause I think I got lost in making a post…

Hm. Off the bat, I’m wondering how to make changes in some of the things around here. I’ve spotted a typo or two…

Is there a manual somewhere?

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