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Sylum Inspiration: Masyaf


Masyaf is the home of the Assassin Order.

For Sylum – it’s still full functional and very well hidden.  No one can get to Masyaf unless you know where it’s located.  A few of our characters have trained at Masyaf, and not just those ‘known’ as Assassins.

Masyaf does actually exist and has an extensive history.


Sylum Inspiration: Angora Rabbits



Angora Rabbits

Well first off Alien is an Angora Rabbit – hence his extreme head of hair when it’s humid!!

Angora Rabbits is also part of the Warren Vineyard in Oceania Clan.  Robert de Lapins raises them for the Angora.  Jack thinks they are adorable but not allowed to play with them.

The photo showed in the Inspiration Block is one shaved, except his ears.  The picture below is one not shaved yet.


Sylum Inspiration: The Vatican

Vatican (1)


The Vatican

As this is Holy Week and I’m sure Ernesto is growling at epic proportions at his staff and Pius, we figured it was fitting to showcase The Vatican as this weeks Sylum Inspiration.

The Vatican is an intricate part of the Sylum Universe.  *pointedly looks at Ernesto who just waltzed in and took over*

As Timothy Quinn and I are working on the re-writes, 10th Anniversary, pulling together this vast Universe of characters and places.   We can guarantee – you’ll be seeing the Vatican a lot more.  From when it’s first being built to way into the future.

And yes Ernesto will be involved.

As will his kid.

And let’s not forget Kiernan.

Or Nico.

*runs away cackling*

Sylum Inspiration: Ducati



The Ducati

If there is a visual representation for Speed – it’s the Yellow Ducati.

It wouldn’t matter where Speed lived, there would be a Ducati in the garage.  It’s his preferred method of transportation, except when he’s driving the twins around then he steals H’s Hummer.

The bike shown above is actually Rory’s own Ducati, he just used it while they filmed CSI: Miami.


Sylum Inspiration: Phoenix Meridius


Phoenix Meridius


The Phoenix Meridius is the sword that Warrick made for Nicolaus.  Its based off a design that Warren had created and wanted to make for his to be Mate.  Warrick is inspired by dreams of the sword and goes to Will Turner for help in creating it.

It’s the sword that Nicolaus now carries into battle.  It’s used in Family when he destroys the necklace and seen in Evolution.

Title: Resugam

Author: Timothy Quinn

Link to Sylum Archive


*must have password to access archive

Sylum Inspiration: HMS Surprise


HMS Surprise


This is Admiral Aubrey’s ship.  He commanded her through most of his career, and when he retired as Admiral Stephen bought it for him.

In Sylum she still exists.  She sits in the docks near Sanctuary Clan, under the care of Barrett Bonden, waiting for her Captain to return.

Interesting fact:

The HMS Surprise exists in the real world.

San Diego Maritime Museum – The ship now known as HMS Surprise began life in 1970 as a replica of the 18th century Royal Navy frigate Rose. During the next 30 years Rose sailed thousands of miles as an attraction vessel and sail training ship prior to her conversion to HMS Surprise. For the academy award winning film, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, the filmmakers made a painstaking effort to recreate a 24 gun frigate specific to Great Britain’s Nelson era Royal Navy. The result is a replica vessel unmatched in its authenticity and attention to detail.

I’ve and a few other Clan Members had the pleasure of walking it’s planks and exploring the HMS Surprise.  An experience that was inspirational as much as the ship herself.



Sylum Inspiration: New Orleans


New Orleans has always been an Inspiration for Sylum.  When I was starting to write Sylum I knew from the beginning it was going to be based in New Orleans.

I personally love the city and consider it a second home.

It’s a city I would suggest to anyone that they must visit at least once in their lives.



Sylum Inspiration: Velociraptor



Sylum Inspiration: Velociraptor

You make ask how are they inspiring? They inspire fear and the need to run fast and far!

At some point in the Sylum Universe.  There will be Velociraptors.

Scary thought.

Good thing Vampires can run fast.

Picture add – mainly cause it’s adorable.  Fan Art by  Manuel Unda.


Sylum Inspiration: St George (Raphael)

Raphael_-_Saint_George_Fighting_the_Dragon (1)

St. George painted by Raphael located at the Louvre in Paris.

In Sylum Neal Caffrey is Raphael.  So the irony in the stories is that Neal stole his own painting.

St. George is the Patron Saint of England. He’s mostly depicted as an English Knight taking on a dragon (Draco the Dragon doesn’t find the painting very pleasing).

Irony – St. George is Roman.

Nico finds this hilarious and calls every St. George’s Day to remind Arthur that England’s Patron Saint is in fact Roman.

There are actually two paintings.

St. George and the Dragon by Raphael located at the National Art Gallery in Washington DC.


Sylum Inspiration: Dachshunds

Rabbit Dachshund (1)


Sylum Inspiration: Dachshunds (Merry & Pippin)

You’re introduced to Merry & Pippin in Clan War (you’ll see more of them in the 10th Anniversary Edition).

The reason of showcasing Dachshunds is mainly because I had two of my own.

They are adorable, smart, stubborn, and only like other dachshunds and dachshund owners aka slaves.


Sylum Inspiration: Janus Coin


Look to the right or is it your left….

Anyway – the Block Inspiration that we normal post photos of actors/actress that are in Sylum is going to be a bit different this year.

This year we’re going to showcase places, items, and animals that are seen in around the Sylum Universe.

For Example – this week’s Sylum Inspiration is a Janus Coin.  This coin is what Nico has in the door frame of the Manor.  An old Roman Tradition where Janus watches over your comings and goings.  (See archived story: Caretaker Series – Thomas Efford)

I’ll put out a blog post each Monday explaining what the inspiration is.

It’s a new way to showcase all those little things in Sylum that doesn’t get attention.

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