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Sylum Inspiration: Luther Stickell

Sylum Inspiration: Luther Stickell

Sanctuary: War Counsel

As far as records indicated, Luther appeared in the world when he was in his twenties. He was recruited out of MIT by IMF for his skills in computers and quick thinking. He is ‘disavowed’ ten years later when he confronted his Agent in Charge over information he had uncovered about an assassination attempt.

He may have gone quietly from the building but not from IMF. He continued researching and hacking into variety of programs, sometimes siphoning off money others and exposing bad business to the world.

He is recruited by Ethan Hunt to help him find the Mole within the department, playing up on his ego to hack into the one place you’re not supposed to be able to hack.

The mission was a success and Luther was reinstated into IMF, working on the same team with Ethan. He had a suspicion that something was different with Ethan, besides the manic he gets into while working.

It wasn’t until an OP went wrong that he discovered what Ethan was hiding. He watched on the monitors as everything went to shit; the Mark pulled a gun and shot Ethan before Luther could call in back up.

Then he watched as Ethan struggled to get up and attack the Mark. Clear as day on the screens were fangs and bright eyes. When Ethan returned to the room, Luther pulled his gun and demanded the truth. Faster than anything he had ever seen, the gun was gone and he was pinned to the bed, with Ethan straddling him.

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