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Sylum Inspiration: Benji Dunn

Sylum Inspiration: Benji Dunn

Sanctuary: Member

There’s not much on Benji’s childhood. He will tell you it was standard one, with no great memories.  He was born in London to a middle class family.  He fell in love with computers as a kid, and followed a career path that had him recruited by MI:6.

He was poached by IMF

(Dilios Note: M is still pissed about that particular situation)

He started as a tech analyst at IMF working exclusively with Ethan Hunt. When he finally made it out to the field everything had gone to shit.

Benji knew Ethan needed the information and took the materials to him directly, only to end up in a crossfire and shot.  When Ethan asked if he wanted to be Turned, he rolled his eyes and demanded he do it.

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