Sylum Inspiration: Kermit Griffin

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Kermit was raised in Dallas Texas, his family had always been Chosen Ones. There wasn’t much to his childhood, after he graduated high school, he entered the military. He doesn’t talk about what he did in the Army or what he did the years between leaving the military and returning to Dallas to become a detective.

When Nicolaus, had become Nick Stokes and began to work as a Dallas PD, he kept an eye on the Clan Leader.

While Kermit worked cases, he would see Nico ‘protecting the site’ though it was obvious to Kermit, Nico was already working to get into Forensics.

When Kermit got wind of a possible drug ring that had connections to Brazil and was coming over the border, he began digging through leads and informants trying to find information. The further he got into the investigation the more dangerous it got. Him and Nico got into an argument, when he told him to back off from the investigation. The Clan Leader threw his arms up called him a stubborn ass, and stormed off.

When he got a lead from an informant he took after it, not telling anyone where he was going. It was then he realized why Nico was telling him to back off, he was dealing with a pack of Rogue Vampires.

And they heard him coming a mile away.

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  1. jackbauerconnie says:

    Ahhh Kermit! Another great character from Kung Fu the Legend Continues!

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