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Sylum Inspiration: Benjamin Turner

Sylum Inspiration: Benjamin Turner

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Benjamin was the son of Marion and Arron Turner.   His life was turned up side down when his father took a position at Leeds University, in Leeds, UK.   He hated his parents for destroying his life at 8 years old.

Then he met Darren Griffin, who became his best friend.

For eight years they lived in each others pocket, lived and breathed rugby.  When he was sixteen, his father got a job back in Australia, and if he he had hated them when he was eight it was ten times worse when he was sixteen.

They swore to stay in contact, and slowly over the years they developed from friendship to relationship.  While Darren had ended up at University playing Rugby, Ben had been asked to join The Perth Black Swans junior team, then worked his way onto the Black Swans NRL Team, as halfback.

They worked to keep their relationship, and Ben had to admit it got easier when Darren made it to Australia.  Then he shocked him by introducing him to the owner of the Tasmania Devils ‘The Marquis’ and Kai.

Not soon after he was recruited the Devils, and despite everything it was perfect until they were forced out of the closet, leading to Ben’s injury, and subsequent Turning.

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