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Sylum Inspiration: Peter Caine

Sylum Inspiration: Peter Caine

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Peter’s father Kwai Chang Caine, and his father before him were Shaolin Priests. Peter himself was raised in the Temple, studying the religion, until it had been burned down. In the chaotic aftermath, Peter had been separated from his father, leading everyone to believe that he had been orphaned. He was shipped around foster families, the families not sure how to handle the quiet spiritual boy.

After he graduated it high school, he went straight into the Police Academy. He graduated with honors and over the years moved up the ranks to Detective. He requested to be transferred to the precinct in Chinatown feeling more at home in the area.

After his partner retired, he was assigned a new guy who had transferred in from Dallas Kermit Griffin. He took the prickly attitude from his new partner easily and the two built a good partnership.

Though he had suspected something was different about him, but couldn’t figure out what.

While investigating the Chinese Triad, Peter had ended up shot. He laid on the ground knowing he was going to bleed out on the floor of the warehouse. In a few calm breathes he centered himself, ready to let go – his only regret was leaving behind Kermit.

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