Sylum Inspiration: Thomas Efford

Sylum: Caretaker

Thomas Efford was raised in the countryside of Norfork, the youngest son of a small noble family. When he was of age he married and settled down at his family’s Manor. The couple had four children, and were content with their lives.

After Elizabeth the First disbanded Catholicism, he began to shelter and protect the local Priests. He hid them in his home, giving them a place to conduct Mass and minister to the people. The family and local village were always on guard, keeping an eye out for any of Elizabeth’s soldiers.

Thomas’ life would change when he met Nicolaus Valerius Meridius and his two sons, Antonio Crisafi and Timothy Quinn, while riding back from London, with his manservant.  He stated they could stay at his home for the night. As they approached the small Manor, Tony smelt burning and they spurred their horses onwards.

They came upon the house burning, the family dead, and the Captain of the Guard ready to throw the infant into the raging fire.  Nicolaus rides head long into the middle, grabs the baby and kills the guard, while Tony and Timothy take out the rest of the soldiers.

They proceed to get Thomas, his daughter and manservant out of the area.  The manservant who has family in Ireland, takes the baby so she can be raised properly and hidden away from the Queen’s Guards.  Timothy tells him to contact Boru and he would help him.

Thomas takes on the role of manservant to Lord Leavy, since the Baron Efford had died in the fire. As the months progress he learns how to meet the three’s needs.  In time he asked Nicolaus to Turn him.

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