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Sylum Inspiration: Darren Griffin

Sylum Inspiration: Darren Griffin

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Darren Griffin was born to a middle class family in Leeds, England.   His whole life he wanted to be a Rugby player.   He met Benjamin Turner when they were eight years old, and a lifetime friendship was born.

They were separated when Ben returned back to Australia, with his family when they were sixteen.   Devastated at loosing his friend, they both fought to stay in contact, slowly realizing they were more than friends.

Darren went on to University, playing rugby, and was recruited straight into the Rugby League team Leeds Rhinos.   It was there he started to get more internationally known, helping his goal to get to Australia.

After the Rhino’s won against the Melbourne Storm in a match between England and Australia, he was picked up the owner of the Tasmanian Devils  Marc Key. It was then Darren discovered the owner was actually Marquis and owned more than a Football team, who helped them learn about each other and got Ben onto the Devils.

Darren and Ben hid their relationship until a photograph outed them.  The team stood by them, and most of the NRL didn’t give a crap.  Darren’s parents rejected the fact he was with Ben, and refuse to speak to him.

Tragedy struck when two players on an opposing team hit Ben so hard sent him to the hospital.

When Darren arrived to see him he got the shock of his life.

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