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Sylum Inspiration: New Characters – Zoe/Joss

Tallikut: Member

At one time Zoe lived in a nice house in the suburbs. Her father was a politician and Party man, who ended up in a scandal, taking the fall on his sword to save the Party. For weeks, the press was camped outside their house, until a man showed up said a few words and they all left.

Zoe knew right then what she wanted to do with her life.

She spent the rest of her childhood and teenage years in a small apartment in Queens. She started fixing peoples problems in high school, then moved through college for a moment she contemplated a degree in Law but then figured she was better at fixing things outside the courtroom.

While working her way up, she discovered Vampires and their Clan system. She quickly hunted the daywalker down and befriended Blade. She learned all she could about the society, and when the time came she asked to be Turned.


Carter grew up in New York, and was always that person who was going to do something.  She ended up joining the Army, where she met Paul.  The two married and they had their son Taylor.   She ended up back in Afghanistan for a year, then moved to Iran.  She was a trained military interrogator, and had secured information that saved many lives.

Though she will tell you there are also regrets and lost lives she still deals with.

She returned to New York, and joined the NYPD.  Paul returned soon after, but was dealing with PTSD but refused to get treatment.  She refused to let him see their son, until he did.  He disappeared.

She worked up the ranks until she became a Detective in the Major Crimes Squad.

Then she met John Reese.  He had been attacked on the subway by known punk arms dealer.  He had got the best of them, she had tried to get his prints but nothing seemed to stick.  She searched for months, following the path of the ‘Man in the Suit’.

Her life changed when he saved her life, she began to lean towards helping him, instead of catching him.  When the CIA used her to betray him, she added the moment to her long list of regrets, but this time she decided to do something about it.

She started to help him with the cases, always curious of how he was getting the information, but figured it had something to do with his partner Harold Finch.

Her life changed again when she discovered they were Vampires.  After seeing John jump across a four lane highway to get to another building to save Finch, she couldn’t doubt the truth.  She also learned about Mates, and Fusco owed her $50 since she called Finch and Reese were lovers.

When John sat her down to explain more about Mates, she was confused until Zoe Morgan sat down next to him.  She was appreciative to Zoe for taking her time courting and answering her questions.  She finally sat down with her son … who told her to go for it.

Tallikut: Hunter


Sylum Inspiration: New Characters – Carl/Jessica

Tallikut: Hunter

Carl grew up in New York, ended up running with the wrong crew found himself in jail.  It was during this time he discovered he had an unique gift.

His skin was impenetrable and had super strength.

He contemplated escaping Prison when a man in a wheel chair, along with a lawyer, Thomas MacLaughin, showed up to give him another option.

He was released on bail, later discovering the lawyer had got his prison time reduced and dropped.

Carl spent a year at Charles Xavier school, learning about Mutants.  And here he had thought the idiot Stillson was batshit.  He swore loyalty to the mountie, liking Benton instantly, then sent to New York to work with Cameron Poe.

He now works in New York, and is friends with Zoe and helps her out when she needs it.  His main contact with Tallikut is Claire, also coming into to her clinic if things get to rough.

It wasn’t until recently he met Jessica Jones, and discovered he’s her Mate.

They realized he can’t be Turned, but he is by her side – always.


Jessica’s family had been chosen ones, and had known Peter Parker for at least two generations.  They had moved to New York from Los Angeles a few years after she was born.  Jessica would tell you that she had the typical childhood, only with a Vampire Uncle.

And as a teenager she was a bit moody, but who wasn’t.

She lost her parents when she was sixteen.  The family was on a the way home from a trip to Disneyworld, when they were involved in a car accident.  She barely survived, waking up from a coma, months later.  It took her a year to get back into normal life.

In the meantime all her friends had moved on.

Zoe took her in, so she wouldn’t have to go to foster care, and let her finish highschool.  It sucked, but she made it through, graduating with honors.

She tried college for a few years, but ended up dropping out, wanting to be more like Aunt Zoe, who  smiled at her, and told her the city was only big enough for one of them.  Instead she ended up building a Private Investigator Business.  Using Zoe’s contacts, and with the help with ‘Slip’ who she found out later was Carl Lucas also known as Luke Cage.

It was years later when one of her cases went bad and she was shot in the middle of a bad situation.  She barely made it to Claire’s clinic, the Vampire nurse was ready to Turn her, but Peter, having heard about the shooting from Cage, showed up – she was her Uncle after all.

(Dilios Note: No one talks about the damage Cage did to the shooter)

Tallikut: Member

Sylum Inspiration: Maura Isles


Camelot/Tallikut: Member


Maura doesn’t remember much of her early life.  She does recall being picked up by an older gentleman with a snowy white beard.

She grew up in a good standing Irish family, wanting for nothing as a child.  She asked a lot of questions and read everything she could get her hands on.  When she decided to be a doctor, her father tried to persuade her that it was not a fitting career for a young lady, but even he knew it was hopeless telling her so.

She fought for her education.  She fought to be recognized.  It was the inspiration of Marion Dubois that kept her going.

When she felt comfortable with her life, she went and found her savior – the man with the snowy white beard, Noah MacManus.  And she politely asked to be Turned.

Sylum Inspiration: Harry Dresden


Tallikut: Member


(Dilios Note: Not much is known about Dresden, but he advertises in the Yellow Book as Wizard.  Most information is speculation or rumor, or my very good investigation skills.  I know he knows I wrote all this – the fact it’s not disappeared either means I’m fully wrong or he trusts me.  At least he won’t kill me like the Assassins – just turn me into a frog.  Maybe…)

Dresden had a wife and son, and circle of friends, and was well respected in his village.

It all went to hell, when his best friend, Robert, lost his wife and set out to bring her back, in a way that went against all the laws of nature, and the deeply held beliefs of their village.  In the end Robert still lost his wife, and was punished severely, along with his wife’s brother Pearly.

Dresden, going against his village, took Robert into his care afterwards.

It’s not known for sure what happened exactly, but not many years after that, the village was destroyed.

Only two of its people survived.

Sylum Inspiration: Sacagawea


Tallikut: Member


Sacagawea was born into an Agaidika (Salmon Eater) tribe of Lemhi Shoshone between Kenney Creek and Agency Creek about twenty minutes away from Salmon, Idaho in Lemhi County. In 1800, when she was about twelve, she and several other girls were kidnapped by a group of Hidatsa (also known as Minnetarees) in a battle that resulted in the death among the Shoshone of four men, four women and several boys. She was taken as a captive to a Hidatsa village near present-day Washburn, North Dakota.

At about thirteen years of age, Sacagawea was taken as a wife by Toussaint Charbonneau, a Quebecois trapper living in the village. He had also taken another young Shoshone named Otter Woman as a wife. Charbonneau was reported to have purchased both wives from the Hidatsa, or won Sacagawea while gambling.

She ended up being volunteered to guide Lewis and Clark for their expidition. Lewis was shocked to discover she was pregnant, but was fascinated in watching her handle the elements with no problems.

She gave birth to a son, who was the highlight of her life. A few months later she was caught in a mudslide, breaking her leg. She knew the injury was death where they were located.

It was then Lewis told her what he was. She had been shocked, but had heard stories of the walking dead. She agreed to be Turned knowing she wanted to see her son grow.

For more information contact the Vampire Council Library

Sylum Inspiration: Meriwether Lewis


Tallikut: Spy Liasion


Meriwether Lewis was born in Albemarle County, Virginia. He was the son of Lt. William Lewis of Locust Hill, who was of Welsh ancestry, and Lucy Meriwether, daughter of Thomas Meriwether and Elizabeth Thornton, who were both of English ancestry. After his father died of pneumonia, he moved with his mother and stepfather Captain John Marks to Georgia in May 1780. They settled along the Broad River in the Goosepond Community within the Broad River Valley in Wilkes County.

Lewis had no formal education until he was 13 years of age, but during his time in Georgia he enhanced his skills as a hunter and outdoorsman. He would often venture out in the middle of the night in the dead of winter with only his dog to go hunting. Even at an early age, he was interested in natural history, which would develop into a lifelong passion. His mother taught him how to gather wild herbs for medicinal purposes. In the Broad River Valley, Lewis first dealt with American Indians. This was the traditional territory of the Cherokee, who resented encroachment by the colonists. Lewis seems to have been a champion for them among his own people. While in Georgia, he met Eric Parker, who encouraged him to travel. At thirteen, Lewis was sent back to Virginia for education by private tutors. His father’s older brother Nicholas Lewis became his guardian. One of his tutors was Parson Matthew Maury, an uncle of Matthew Fontaine Maury. In 1793, Lewis graduated from Liberty Hall (now Washington and Lee University).

That year he joined the Virginia militia, and in 1794 he was sent as part of a detachment involved in putting down the Whiskey Rebellion. In 1795 Lewis joined the U.S. Army, commissioned as an Ensign (an Army rank that was later abolished and was equivalent to a modern Lieutenant). By 1800 he rose to Captain, and ended his service there in 1801. Among his commanding officers was William Clark, who would later become his companion in the Corps of Discovery.

On April 1, 1801, Lewis was appointed as an aide by President Thomas Jefferson, whom he knew through Virginia society in Albemarle County. Lewis resided in the presidential mansion, and frequently conversed with various prominent figures in politics, the arts and other circles. He compiled information on the personnel and politics of the United States Army, which had seen an influx of Federalist officers as a result of John Adams’s “midnight appointments”.

When Jefferson began to plan for an expedition across the continent, he chose Lewis to lead the expedition. Meriwether Lewis recruited Clark, then age 33, to share command of the expedition.

Before he left Jefferson sat him down and told him about Vampires and their society. He gave the man the option to be Turned before he left.

Sylum Inspiration: Javier Esposito

Integridad/Tallikut: Hunter


Javier doesn’t talk about his past.

He will only tell you, he made bad decisions and was given an opportunity to redeem himself, by working for Kiernan’s Order


Esposito share’s loyalty between two Clans, and at the moment is working with Mal in New York City.


Character Introduction: William Murdoch


Tallikut: Member


Name: William Henry Murdoch

Turn Date: 1897 AD

Sire: Nicholas de Brabant

Mate: Julia Ogden


William Murdoch was raised by Jesuits, and through that holds a very strong Catholic belief. He doesn’t talk much about his father, just that he was a drunk and the two never saw eye to eye. His mother died when he was young. She had fallen and hit her head, giving her a concussion later dizzy from the blow she fell and drowned in the river.

He found work at the Toronto Police Department, where he worked under Inspector Thomas Brackenreid. Though the two were quite different, they build a strong friendship and respect. He met Julia Ogden, the city’s Coroner. He liked her instantly, she had a strong mind and spirit. She challenged him daily.

The two ended up in a relationship but their own misguided conceptions, broke apart. He never got over her, but continued to be friends.

He met Nicholas de Brabant when he came into Toronto in search of a friend. The befriended had ended up being Murdoch’s latest case. The two became friends, Murdoch liking the more out spoken man. Over the next few years Nicholas returned to visit William, even pushing him to deal with his relationship with Julia.

It was during a case when William was shot by the suspect that Nicholas revealed his true nature and gave the young detective a chance.


Image: Yannick Bisson

Character Introduction: Jane Rizzoli

dress-like-rizzoli-and-islesTallikut: Hunter


Name: Jane Rizzoli

Turn Date: 2010 AD

Sire: Maura Isles

Mates: Maura Isles & Joe Grant


Jane Rizzoli is a Boston detective working for the Boston Police Department’s Homicide Unit. From an Italian American family, Jane is brash, brilliant, and often prickly but also a confident and independent woman. She is the tomboy daughter of an overprotective mother. She is extremely competitive, especially with her little brother, Frankie, who is often caught in her shadow. Jane can tackle a perp like a linebacker. She rarely lets her guard down with anyone, except her best friend, Maura Isles.

As a child, she was slightly chubby, earning her the nickname “Roly-Poly Rizzoli”. Joey Grant has always been a friend of the family and childhood Rival. He had disappeared from her life just after high school, then showed up as her boss in the police department. Only for him to be transferred to Homeland Security. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it, but knew they both had their own lives.

Raised in the blue-collar Boston suburb of Revere, Jane has fought long and hard to win the respect of her colleagues, but it is her relationship with her equally stubborn mother, Angela Rizzoli, that sometimes proves to be her biggest headache.

During her time on the force, she had a traumatic experience at the hands at a serial killer known as “The Surgeon”, Charles Hoyt. While trying to rescue one of his victims, she was taken by surprise from behind and almost became a victim herself. She has matching scars in the center of her palms where Hoyt stabbed her with scalpels, keeping her pinned to the ground. Her original partner Vince Korsak saved her life, and Jane survived the brutal, near-death attack by Hoyt. Although she put Hoyt behind bars, she is still haunted by him.

Over the years Jane worked with Maura, she always respected and though rarely admitted loved the other woman. It wasn’t until Hoyt tried to kill her a second time, that Maura sat her down to tell her the truth about herself.

Jane shocked walked away from her friend. Not able to talk to her mother, knowing how she felt about ‘alternate lifestyles’ she wandered the streets until she found herself at her old Parish. She walked into to see Joey kneeling in front of the altar. She didn’t tell him what brought her there, but when she left she knew her answer.

She went home to Maura.


Image: Angie Harmon


Character Introduction: Meriwether Lewis

cos-ben-stiller-pic-sm-image-2-657906903-300x200Tallikut Clan: Meriwether Lewis

Turn Date: 1803 AD

Sire: Thomas Jefferson

Mate: William Clark

Position: Spy Liaison


When we asked what more people would like to see on the Sylum Tumblr, one suggestion was Character Introductions.  Basically, who are some of these behind the scene characters that we don’t get more information on.

Thinking this was a great idea, we implemented it on Tumblr.  After a few successful posts, we decided to move this particular element to the blog, mainly since most of our audience isn’t on Tumblr.

As we are rebuilding the wiki, this opportunity to introduce new and old characters would be fun and informative.  (Note: we’re not showcasing all of these characters history – just enough to get your interested *smirks*)

So today we’re starting off with a character from Tallikut (Note: as I finished working on that clan a few weeks ago).


Meriwether Lewis is famous for being half of the Lewis & Clark Explorers.  Their mission was to explore the territory of the Louisiana Purchase, establish trade and claim the Pacific Northwest for the United States.

For Sylum – He’s a friend of Thomas Jefferson, who Turns him before they set out on the expedition.  Giving him a set of instructions he’s supposed to follow and information he’s supposed to gather.

It’s during the exploration that he would ended up Turning his Mate, and also their guide Sacawagea.

Historically Meriwether Lewis’ death is surrounded by controversy.  His death was labeled a suicide, many of his friends weren’t surprised by the statement.  The only problem was accounts of what happened do not coincide with a suicide.  One witness heard multiple shots fired and a struggle.  They found him slumped over his traveling chest, clutching his jacket.

It’s in these moments where Sylum twists facts, fiction, and rumors.

After Meriwether’s ‘death’, he had to leave the Louisiana area, and made his way up North to Tallikut, and waited for his Mate to join him.

Meriwether Lewis is Tallikut’s Spy Liaison.

What is a Spy Liaison?  He or she is the person who works with Lamont in the Vampire Council, keeping him informed of what is going on in their part of the world.

They will work with Hunters in their Clan to know what is going on throughout their territory.  Work with Liaison’s from other Clans to make sure that there is no hidden or surprise attack.

They work with the spies that no one knows about but Lamont, and usually have a few of their own (vampire and human).

Image: Ben Stiller

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