Character Introduction: William Murdoch


Tallikut: Member


Name: William Henry Murdoch

Turn Date: 1897 AD

Sire: Nicholas de Brabant

Mate: Julia Ogden


William Murdoch was raised by Jesuits, and through that holds a very strong Catholic belief. He doesn’t talk much about his father, just that he was a drunk and the two never saw eye to eye. His mother died when he was young. She had fallen and hit her head, giving her a concussion later dizzy from the blow she fell and drowned in the river.

He found work at the Toronto Police Department, where he worked under Inspector Thomas Brackenreid. Though the two were quite different, they build a strong friendship and respect. He met Julia Ogden, the city’s Coroner. He liked her instantly, she had a strong mind and spirit. She challenged him daily.

The two ended up in a relationship but their own misguided conceptions, broke apart. He never got over her, but continued to be friends.

He met Nicholas de Brabant when he came into Toronto in search of a friend. The befriended had ended up being Murdoch’s latest case. The two became friends, Murdoch liking the more out spoken man. Over the next few years Nicholas returned to visit William, even pushing him to deal with his relationship with Julia.

It was during a case when William was shot by the suspect that Nicholas revealed his true nature and gave the young detective a chance.


Image: Yannick Bisson

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